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Thought I'd start a new thread asking folks to show a Buck knife photo or two. I like just about anything made by Buck. But, am drawn to the Gold etch art knives and love stag handles.

Buck 124 with Colt Firearm's gold etch


David Yellowhorse Dream knife



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Father's Day gift! Very nice! Grats - that's the best! How do you like the drop point? I've got one and it seems to be able to handle everything as well as the standard, but to be honest I kinda look at a situation twice before starting in whereas with the regular blade, I kinda just go at it. Guess that means I feel less confident with the drop.  

Nice 110's that both of you have.

We need "Like" buttons Jan!!

Dead_left_knife_guy, if you like hatchets perhaps you might like to add a Buck hatchet to your herd?

Here's a red one for ya, 1990 #303 Cadet. My first red Buck, looks lonely in there with all those "stock" black knives, (except for the blue & yellow ones of course). I think I'll send this in for a spa treatment, let's see how shiny they can make it.

Nice collection.

Thanks Billy!

Billy Oneale said:

Nice collection.


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

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gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


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