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iKC Arsenal Hosted By Charles Sample

A Group for members who believe in and use their 2nd amendment right. A place to show, share and discuss the firearms collected and enjoyed by fellow members. 

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A couple of deer I saw while deer hunting.

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Jan Carter Oct 16. 3 Replies

Bow season opened for deer yesterday.  I saw five, two does, a fawn and two unidentifiable.  (I got just a glimpse of them through an opening in the trees as they were jumping the fence.)  These are two of the five deer I saw while deer hunting…Continue

Poll - Do you hunt?

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Charles Sample Oct 14. 37 Replies

Tobias has been running some fishing polls and it has gotten me interested in the members hunting habits or lack thereof.  So I have decided to run some hunting polls.  This first one will be very simple.Question 1:  Do you hunt?Question 2:  If the…Continue

Holley Mfg.Co

Started by Steven S. Baum. Last reply by Clint Thompson Oct 13. 1 Reply

I have a very small ,very well made single bladed folder marked as Holley Mfg.Co Lakeville Conn.Google did not turn up much on it.I do know they stopped making them about 1940 ish.Any input would be interesting,it has been used so its not pretty.But…Continue

Why Winchester bulk 9 mm ammo may be bad for your pistol.

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Jan Carter Oct 10. 1 Reply

This is an article about why Winchester bulk 9 mm ammo may be bad for your pistol.…Continue

Your favorite gun

Started by Michael A. Smith Sep 20. 0 Replies

So what is your current favorite gun? (pic if you can)... Mine is either my lovely Smith & Wesson 686p with custom Hogue cherry wood grips. It's lovely. The other is my Glock 21 with laser site. The guns are for upstairs and downstairs defense…Continue

One Gun.

Started by johnny twoshoes. Last reply by Shlomo ben Maved Sep 14. 36 Replies

Okay guys, you have to leave your state of living tomorrow and you can only choose one gun. It's a pressure situation and it doesn't matter if someone sees that you have it. What are you taking with you and why?Continue

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Comment by Charles Sample on November 12, 2015 at 22:59

There have been studies performed to evaluate whether deer whistles were effective at preventing deer-vehicle collisions (DVC).  To date the results of all of these studies were either inconclusive or found that whistles did not result in reduced DVC's.

Comment by Clint Thompson on November 12, 2015 at 20:08

A large Sheriff Office in Kansas, reduced their vehicle-deer accidents by 80%. I had them on my truck when I lived in Kansas. I never saw a deer when I would see them all the time without the whistles. Once I was going down a paved country road and a farm dog ran out of a shelter belt to chase my vehicle. When the dog reached the ditch he rolled around on the ground directly being effected by the deer whistle. The SO figured the vehicle had to be going45 to 50 mph for it to work. In Colorado on the mountain roads the whistle did not work when I was driving 30 to 40 mph.

Comment by J.J. Smith III on November 12, 2015 at 19:50
Comment by J.J. Smith III on November 12, 2015 at 19:48
There are conflicting arguments on the effectiveness of deer whistles, however I always add one to my vehicles, when I get a new one. Don't know if it makes a difference, but I use ones that have 2 chambers.
Comment by Jan Carter on November 12, 2015 at 19:20

Approximately 300 people and 1 million deer are killed every year in deer-vehicle collisions. Would a deer car whistle have prevented the accident? Insurance companies estimate vehicle damage at 1 Billion dollars a year!.State police and insurance companies also believe many accidents with deer are never reported.

We were having a discussion about this in the chat tonight...Do deer whistles work to keep them from running out in front of you?

Comment by Jan Carter on November 4, 2015 at 7:58

just thought i would let you all know about the auction


Comment by Clint Thompson on October 21, 2015 at 12:18

With the 180 pound pull I have a 4 inch drop at 50 yards. Using the crossbow rated target, at 50 yards the bolt drives to within one inch of the fletchings. This makes for fun in pulling the bolt out.

Comment by Charles Sample on October 21, 2015 at 12:04

Wow Clint, I thought my 150 pound pull crossbow was a lot.  I like to limit my crossbow shots to around 50 yards.  I hunted yesterday and the one deer I saw at one point was only ten feet from me.  I didn't shoot it.

Also Clint, you reminded me that I have a Ruger air rifle with a scope on it.

Comment by Clint Thompson on October 21, 2015 at 9:24

Well to throw in my 2 cents, I read many of the member's comments. Each and everyone had good points. Me, I have one rifle with a scope, Ruger M77 (one of the first) in .270 win. I use this from Elk to Chipmunks...sorry Alvin. I also have a Sheridan 5mm air rifle with a scope because the sights were horrible. I hunt small game with this weapon. The other 16 or so long guns have iron sights. I prefer the iron sights to the optical sights.

I grew up hunting and trapping. The fun in the hunt is the stalk and not the kill. Other than a Coyote I took at 260 yards, I stalk to within a 100 yards before I shoot. If I was out on the flat plains I would have some problems there.

I don't have a rangefinder or even marked fence posts. I know my rifle and ammo and how it performs within that 100 yards.

I do have a crossbow with a scope as well. It is a 180 pound pull with a 2 power optic. I like this as I can make 80 to 100 yard shots with great penetration. I don't like to shoot that far as 60 to 80 is better.

Okay there is my 2 cents plus 48 more. 

Comment by Charles Sample on October 21, 2015 at 0:39

I have nothing against modern technology.  I use scopes on my .30-06, my muzzleloader, my crossbow, and my 10/22.  Also right now I have three trail cameras out.  I have two shooting houses, two ladder stands, and a portable ground blind.  I don't have a range finder because I don't need one.  All of my stand positions are fixed and I have various range markers at each of them.  For example one of my shooting houses sits in a corner of the property.  I have about a 10 yard open shooting lane to the next corner 215 yards away.  I have flagged the fence that runs along the property line at 50 yard intervals.  So I can tell within a few yards of the distance to any deer that appears in that area just by looking at it.  I only killed one deer last year.  It was a 150 yard shot with my muzzleloader.  I knew it was 150 yards before I fired because of my marker on the fence.

I have a Marlin Golden 39A Mountie (1967 vintage).  I don't have a scope on it.  A scope would just mess up its handling qualities too much to suit me.  I did put an aperture receiver sight on it.  That way I only have to worry about the front sight.

Another rifle I have that I will never put a scope on is my Model 1873 Winchester.


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