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Hey all,
This my first post so here goes. I have owned a large number of knives over the years from folding to sheath. Oddly I settled on the bird knife pattern. Anything with a bird gutting hook draws my interest. Currently they are in 120's range and I know there are more out there looking for me!

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Howdy, welcome. I am using a friend's PC right now so can't post photos, but will post some of my Buck #321 Bird Knife soon. Welcome to IKC!

very nice displays!  So your loving the folding bird knives?

I use Bird or Upland Bird knives a lot and have bought or been gifted them for decades.

My favourites are the Browning model--I have three with different handle materials, a Case DU prize, a couple of other Cases with different scales, a couple of Bokers, an unknown maker (Not Boker) by Orvis, a post [Cold] war Hubertus marked West Germany, a Queen Cutlery with an odd hook, a very old Remington and two newer ones with choke tube tools included, an old Marbles ring fixed blade as well as a Cold Steel copy and numerous fixed blades with Bird and Trout monikers from Grohmann, AG Russell etc.

Then again there is always these 

I've got two that I can think of at the moment.  One is a Case Muskrat Frame and the other is a Outdoor Life Stockman Frame.

Case Amber jigged Bird Hunter

Outdoor Life Bird knife.

G'Day Dan, a great pattern/style of knife to collect Love the way you have them displayed! 


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