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One of the two patterns I collect is Case Mini Blackhorns.  (The other pattern is fish knives.)  They are a Case knife but are an inexpensive knife to collect.  Also there is a wide variety of them.  I have 25 of them, all different.  The ones I have date from 1988 to 2016.

Does anyone else collect the Mini Blackhorns?

Here are pictures of a few of mine.

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Those are cool Charles and you're right, they're not an overly expensive pattern to collect either.I don't have any but I know my son had a couple of Christmas ones still in the packages at one time.

Here are a few more of my Mini Blackhorns.

Inexpensive and can also be a good user.  They are one of the Case lines that even a new collector can get into without breaking the bank

I bought my first Mini Blackhorn at Lowes as a user.  It was just a standard Mini Blackhorn and cost $12.  I carried it for two or three years as my EDC until I switched to my Rough Rider work knife.  The Mini Blackhorn takes up very little space and adds almost no weight in your pocket.  For someone who does little or no heavy cutting, it mades an excellent EDC.  I must say that a few times I did some fairly heavy cutting with it and it was starting to get a little loose.  The RR work knife that I carry now is a more rugged knife because it has brass liners while the Blackhorn only has the zytel handle.  So far the RR has not loosened up any.

I've actually got one in my desk someone gave me probably 10 years ago.  I messed up and broke the tip off of it years ago but it still has a good edge on it.  My company had some made up to sell in our company store and someone got me one for Christmas one year.


I looked up the company, they have forging going on :)

I've been in the forge for 27 years now, anything from cutting steel, making forgings to rebuilding the machines. Now I manage the forging production area, so yes, there's lots of forging going on in my shop.


It is an amazing skill !

The old joke is..."What can be so hard about it, it's just heatin and beatin!" LOL


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