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If this is inappropriate or if this breaks any forum rules just delete it. 

If you are new to sharpening or have a knife that you just can't get a good edge on I'll do it for free.  I'm not a super nice guy.  I have selfish reasons.  Knives started out being a hobby and now simply getting knives super razor sharp is a hobby.  That brings into the picture how different blade steels feel and/or react to sharpening.  That's interesting also.  So by sharpening knives I don't own hopefully will give me experience on different blade steels as well as handling different knives.  Also, I've thought about doing this for money and doing it for free would give me an idea of what it would be like as a business. 

It's best to be able to sharpen your own knives but if you need some help with one because of a super hard blade steel or whatever I'll do it.  If anyone wants to discuss it send me a private message.  I am not set up to do this as a business.  I don't have insurance for this and wouldn't be able to reimburse anyone for the unbelievably unexpected things.

If anyone is interested I'd rather (for now) stay away from more expensive knives because if they get lost in the mail or anything I can't replace them, even the cheap ones.  I call anything over $100 an expensive knife.  But if you are willing to risk it, it's ok with me. Personally, I've never had anything get lost in the mail.  Not even the checks I used to say "I mailed a check" about. lol  I'm sure it does happen though.  Shipping insurance is a good idea.


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Jack, I'm sure you are not braking any rules but Miss Jan has the last word. I use to sharpen knives scissors, razors shovels, hoes, hatchets well just about anything. I made extra money for my family. You are right though, the more different edges you sharpen the better you will get. Now days I sharpen just my friends and families edges. I enjoy doing a few. It is very nice of you to offer this to our members free. I hear some members say, they have trouble sharpening, I'm sure you'll have some takers. Good luck. 

I can't see a problem, Jack. Shipping insurance, not an insured business, great experience...you've been straight up with everything. Jan of course holds the final word as Robert mentioned, but I think you're golden. Heck...I'd send you mine if I wasn't doing the same thing! I just did 8 knives for a restaurant here in town. For money even! Good luck, and great idea! 

Sometimes a knife may be sharp enough but since it's been sharpened and touched up a lot the bevel needs to be thinned. Even a knife with a VERY sharp edge that might pop hairs of your arm just won't cut well because the blade gets thick so quick right above the edge. Then the work to thin the edge can take a lot of work especially if the stones are old or dirty or maybe someone only has the finer grits or any number of reasons. A good re-profiling can put a nice knife that just doesn't cut as good as it did a couple of years ago back in shape and ready to cut well and be easily touched up many more times.

You are right Jack, the bevel needs correcting every now and then. Then some knives come with a terrible bevel or someone tried sharpening it and made things worse. You will see all sorts of problems.

Jans final words is....Thank you Jack!  Great offer and a plus for those with a challenging blade!

Hi jack if you still want to sharpen a couple of knives i would be grateful. These would be used for whittling by my kids and myself. I just cant be consistant with my sharpening. They are 440a but seem to be very hard. Even used dimond. Here is my phone number cell: 5056920132 home 5055832659 thank you much

Hi John.  Sent you a PM and left a message on your phone service.  Talk soon. I'll be glad to help.


john garcia said:

Hi jack if you still want to sharpen a couple of knives i would be grateful. These would be used for whittling by my kids and myself. I just cant be consistant with my sharpening. They are 440a but seem to be very hard. Even used dimond. Here is my phone number cell: 5056920132 home 5055832659 thank you much

I have been revisiting this group and wanted to again thank you Jack for a wonderful offer!

Jack, I would have probably taken you up on that offer because I have never been able to sharpen a knife.  However I just bought a KME sharpening kit and  I think my problem has been solved.  I took an old dull nothing chinese knife and got it hair shaving sharp.  But thanks for the offer.

I was a little surprised that no one took me up on this offer. Not surprised a whole lot though because I'm not a professional sharpener and like I stated I'm not in a position to replace a knife, even if I damaged it myself. I think anyone looking to make money at something takes on a certain amount of responsibility for the care and condition of the item (knife in this case). But maybe I didn't get any knives to sharpen because people decide to improve their skill instead of letting someone else sharpen their knives. That is always best.

Charles, I've never used a KME sharpener but I've heard people who have and they like it. There are lots of sharpening methods and I think all the good systems will work. Just get to know it and how to use it. Sounds like your problem has been solved without anyone else. That's good.


nice idea jack !.........  and if you are talking about the real deal traditional sharpening there are a few things that we better not forget

 ...  the sharpening of a cheap ( softer steel ) knife can be done much more easy and faster than a real hardsteel ( elmax, sleipner, ats-34)

and how the blade is treated is also important

my experience is that even if you get some practice on the easier ones ( 420- like ) its still different stuff to work on "more expensive"ones

and this in combination with a "double -edge" sharpening and what to use it for for makes every knife  a real subject of study ... and  not every user wants the same thing !!  ( and not every knife can handle every edge )

rockwell 60 +   also needs differet tools if you really want to change the edge !

and to get a hard blade  SHARP  takes a lot of TIME too !

so if people send you a lot of good stuff you better take a looooooong  vacation

good luck !


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