I like USA made Schrades & Schrade-Walden knives...obviously. Old Timers, Uncle Henry's and the models that pre-dated those lines. Saw-cut Delrin, Stagalon, Butter-n-Molasses, etc. handles. They're all great in my book. 

I am proceeding slowly with adding to my collection, in the beginning I was going like gang busters. But, the pickings are getting slim at least for good/great condition knives.

Although I am not buying much now, I never tire of seeing them or looking for them. So if you have some or have come into some, let me see them.

Eventually I will try to get all I currently have into 1(or 3) photos for this discussion. For now these will have to do.

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I posted a picture of a Schrade Cut. Co. 2203 3/4 a while back. It had Celluloid handles and the blades, while a little rough, were pretty full. I sent it to Herman Williams. He re-profiled the main blade, buffed the dings out of the bolsters, polished the blades, and re-handled it. He used bone from the Schrade Factory and used the jigging machine that was built in the Schrade machine shop. While the knife is no longer original, it's pretty darn close.

Just picked up this beauty off the big auction site lovely green bone. I have never seen one of these before.

Great looking Barlow Derek, Those Heritage knives are awesome!

Very nice knife Derek!

That heritage series is sure a nice one!

Heres a Schrade Stockman I'm going to clean up and try and get some snap back into it for a coworker.  I'm not going to try to remove the patina, just a good P.M.  I'll post a picture after I clean it up a little bit.

I love the old match striker pull on this knife! Blades look to be pretty full! It's gonna be a great EDC for your friend!

Here are the after cleaning pictures.  Mind you, I did say I wasn't removing any patina, just cleaned a lot of goo and grime.  Coworker seemed happy with it, so that's all that matters.  I cut my thumb in the process as well...blood and sweat in this baby...LOL.


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