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What spyderco knives do you have in your collection? Pictures are welcomed/encouraged.

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I've been eyeing that stepped Chaparral for awhile. Looks real nice.

Jack Haskins, Jr. said:

Finally picked up a Chaparral3. Been wanting one and putting a little cash away for a while. Sometimes the little pockets of money for a specific "want" get invaded upon by everyday life stuff. You know, food, electric bill, etc. lol  Love the knife. I've loved the Chaparral models since I got the first model in CF. I don't have that one anymore but may get another one later. These knives are about as close to the perfect EDC knife for me as I can find. And an excellent stainless steel (CTS-XHP) blade along with a handle material (titanium) that won't rust means very little maintenance. The Chaparral line is meant as a gentleman's knife which it seems means "fancier". But a FRN Chaparral for a less expensive model would be a great EDC knife IMO. I think Spyderco should get on it and have some ready by end of day. :)

Nice Ron, all the colors of the rainbow!

Spyderco has a sprint run (discontinued) Michael Walker with a ZDP-189 blade and carbon fiber scale handle. I bought one when they were available. I sold it and have regretted it badly. I saw one up for bid a couple of weeks ago for $66 with 3-4 days left. I was very excited. When the bids went over $200 I got depressed. After the bidding was over and the knife sold for $289 (I think) I mentioned it on  the Spyderco forum. Others said they had seen it also. Then I got a PM and the short story is a forum member gave me one he had. He had modified it. He replaced the CF scales, raised the clip (covering the lanyard hole) and added jimping to the thumb position on the spine. Needless to say my surprise and gratitude are beyond words. This guy makes knives as a hobby and had already given me a knife he made a couple of years ago. It is a folder with a CPM-M4 blade, G-10 scales and a liner lock. Here are pictures.  I haven't the words to express my gratitude.

wow outstanding job Jack! Whoever this guy is he does good!

He certainly does have talent!!  Congrats it is a wonderful gift


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