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iKC Arsenal Hosted By Charles Sample


iKC Arsenal Hosted By Charles Sample

A Group for members who believe in and use their 2nd amendment right. A place to show, share and discuss the firearms collected and enjoyed by fellow members. 

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What's wrong with this deer?

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First fawn of the season and other pictures

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About time for more critter pics

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Why I like to hunt

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This article does a good job of explaining part of the reason I like to hunt.…Continue

Just some thoughts

Started by Jan Carter. Last reply by Billy Oneale Feb 28. 1 Reply

A friend shared some interesting thoughts with me about the recent school shooting.  While we all find the use of a tool to murder children reprehensible and continue to pray for the families and survivors, some folks go too far too fast for my…Continue

Tags: thoughts, some, Just

Successful Hunt!

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Charles Sample Dec 16, 2017. 11 Replies

Went hunting this afternoon.  About 4:15 a buck jumped the fence from the adjoining property.  He continued across the open lane I was watching.  By the time I put my binoculars down and got my rifle up, he had made it into the brush on the other…Continue

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Comment by D ale on April 15, 2018 at 13:34

Nice Ruger, JJ.


Ruger makes nice firearms !!!


Also .. thanks for the kind comment, Charles.

Comment by J.J. Smith III on April 15, 2018 at 12:23

Hunting is pretty much out, for me, anymore, but I can still enjoy my handguns.  Picked up my first Ruger this past week.  Can't wait for some range time.

Comment by Charles Sample on April 13, 2018 at 13:49

Very nice outfit Dale!

Comment by D ale on April 13, 2018 at 11:14

A few Remingtons.

Rem 700 BDL Bull barrel floated & chambered for 22-250 cartridge with a Nikon 6.5~20 .. reach out & touch something. My best shot ..verified via rangefinder is a big mama praire dog @ 430 ~ 432 yards.

 Remington RH 36 & RH 51 straight knives. 

There are Mikov & Buck 112 auto's as backup.

Comment by Jan Carter on March 28, 2018 at 19:14

Thank you Ron, I knew this was happening but I could not find the link to the particulars.  I hate this!  I know someone started the fight on your side of the fence about knives...I pray someone takes this up also

Comment by Ron Dumeah on March 28, 2018 at 13:26

Comment by Charles Sample on March 28, 2018 at 10:48

Clint, I agree with you 100 percent on joining the NRA and writing letters.  I would add also join GOA.  It is only $20 a year and is another strong voice for us.  However I am ambivalent about the Convention of States.  How do we control what changes are made?  How do we know that only the changes we want will be made?  On the Second Amendment, I agree that there is little or no likelihood that it would be taken off the books.  But it doesn't have to be taken off the books to be rendered meaningless and useless.  If Hillary had been elected, she would have appointed a rabid socialist like herself to the Supreme Court.  That would have given the socialists a 5-4 majority.  And in eight years of Hillary, she would probably have had the opportunity to appoint one or two more justices.  We could easily have ended up with a 7-2 socialist majority.  Then it would have been at least 40 or 50 years if ever before we would have had a conservative ruling from the Court.  All they would have had to do was run a case to the Court and have the Second Amendment declared not an individual right.  Then only the government would have the right to have guns.  During her campaign Hillary said the Court made a mistake when they declared the Second Amendment was an individual right.  And she vowed that when she was elected she would fix that.

Comment by Clint Thompson on March 28, 2018 at 9:46

I have been out of State with no real connection so I am behind in my reading. I know what Charles is thinking. If we lose our second amendment we will never get it back. It will never happen. Here is why. To abolish any amendment it takes 75% of the House and Senate to vote this to a starting point. Then 75% of the States, not population based, have to ratify. That means 13 States say no and then it is no. Right now we have about 44 States will say no. To modify our rights with restrictions is possible but will be by States like the Ultra Liberal California has done with the AR. There are several things we can do to protect our right to keep and bear arms but here are three of the big ones.


  1. Join the NRA. Sign up your sons, daughters, grandkids and great grandkids.
  2. Join the drive to compel the forming of the Convention of States( Article V). Read about this at:


                Read up about this move. It has been started by Constitutional minded people like Mark Levin. Go

                to their Face Book Page, groans here, like and follow. In this way you will be up to date.

  1. Write a letter, hand written is best, to your U.S. Congressman and Senator. Calls and emails have little effect but if you write a “letter”…..remember these….they have to handle it, open it, and write one back to you. And…and if you want to cause real concern, ask at least four questions using bullet points. This means they can’t use their “rat-hole” mass answer letter to reply to yours.


So if you are serious about our Second Amendment then this is what you do. In Oklahoma, where I live, our Federal Representatives and Senators know how we feel. To prove this point…Oklahoma was the ONLY State wherein not a single county voted for Obama in either election. We are the Crimson State and Proud of it.

Comment by Charles Sample on March 27, 2018 at 23:35

Yes Jan there is a long term plan here and it is very sad.  The socialists have an ultimate goal of destroying America and turning it into the USSR, the United States Socialist Republic.  America and full socialism cannot coexist.  They are totally incompatible.  Every country that has gone full socialist has brought nothing to the people but poverty and loss of freedom.  Just look at Cuba, the old USSR (Russia), North Korea, and China.  Why does anyone think socialism would work any better here than in any of those countries?  The one thing standing in the way of the socialists converting America into the USSR is our well armed populous.  That is why their long term goal is to disarm the people.  If they can get H. R. 5087 passed and into law, they will have taken a giant step in that direction.  And if they get it, they will not stop.  They will immediately start working on the next step.  They know they can do it all at once.  They are incrementalists.  They take whatever they can get whenever they can get it.  What ever you give them, they always come back for more.  That is why you can't compromise with them.  You have to fight them every step of the way.

Comment by Jan Carter on March 27, 2018 at 22:01


I think there is a long term plan here.  I have a single shot 22 (or a couple LOL).  That will be his next step.  By years end Donnie wants a pump 20 gauge in the safe and a semi auto also.  Whether the bans get to those points before he is old enough to be gifted the guns or not, we will be ahead of the game for him to have them and hunt.  I cannot believe this country is in such a state that I have to be able to see years into the future to secure my grandsons rights.

I read an article a friend wrote recently that said, if we don not stand up now we will leave our grandchildren with nothing to stand up for.  That is one the truest and saddest statements I have heard in quite some time


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