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At 6:20 on April 21, 2018, John Howard said…

Thanks JJ

At 9:36 on April 14, 2018, Sue OldsWidow said…

Thanks JJ..........

At 15:28 on April 2, 2018,

Thanks JJ, make sure I don't get a big head being featured..... ha! ha!

At 11:17 on March 27, 2018, Ed Orozco said…

Thanks, while I don't consider myself a "true" collector I have somehow amassed a small, well maybe medium collection of knives. 

At 12:54 on March 10, 2018,

Thanks a lot John! 

At 18:30 on March 5, 2018, Bill Withers said…

Thank you so much J.J. Glad to be here. 


At 7:52 on January 24, 2018, Ellis H. Roberson said…

Hey J.J.

Too bad you have to drive to the show. I usually average 10 to12 shows a yr. All are in Tulsa, Ok. We don't have knife shows around here. We have gun and knife shows with the opportunity to get candy, jerky, jellies, and even home siding. LOL. Oh well, we go and do our thing.. #121 coming up this weekend.

At 16:24 on January 23, 2018, Ellis H. Roberson said…

Hey J.J. I know what you mean about the shows.. When I get bored, I buy knives. Blah. Needless to say I can get quite bored. LOL. Oh well, a show is coming up this next weekend so Hopefully I'll sell and not buy.

At 12:30 on January 19, 2018, Heidi Jo Bean said…

Thanks so much for the detailed explanation JJ. 

The movement is so minor, but noticeable.

It's probably less that 1/16" and more like 1/32"

Just frustrating, because otherwise this big old knife is just perfect!'Again, thanks for your time, and all the best.

At 22:35 on January 18, 2018, Heidi Jo Bean said…

Hey JJ, will those oils actually swell the wood some?

I watched a youtube video that showed those type oils are good for conditioning and cleaning, but did nothing to swell the wood. What do you think? In your experience, does the wood swell at all with a good soaking in any of your suggestions>

Thanks a bunch for your time JJ.

At 22:29 on January 18, 2018, Heidi Jo Bean said…

Thanks JJ!

At 22:21 on January 15, 2018, Brent said…

Howdy ! Thanks for the welcoming!!2 little girls here also . I love buying and resaling knives!!! 

At 13:22 on January 13, 2018, Lewis E.Ward said…

Thank you. Nice knife.

At 15:11 on January 2, 2018, Kevin M said…

JJ , thank you for the warm welcome. From the picture of the GEC I would say you are a man who collects along the same interests as me. I will have to get some pictures up soon.

At 23:34 on January 1, 2018,
John Thornburg

Thanks J.J.

At 15:48 on December 17, 2017,
John Thornburg

Thanks for accepting J.J.

At 2:19 on December 2, 2017, John Ward said…

Hello, Thanks for your welcome. I have a collection of old Sheffield knives and would like to sell some of them. When I get to know the site I will illustrate them.

At 23:00 on November 5, 2017, Harry Meyer said…

Thanks for the welcome J.J.

At 20:29 on October 31, 2017,
John Thornburg

Thanks J.J., nice GEC in that photo!

At 12:51 on October 30, 2017, Lawrence Hanus said…
Hey J.J.,thanks for your quick response, I'm feeling very welcome already!

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