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I found this story and thought it was very interesting.  The boy not only showed quick thinking but also very sound thinking.  He also showed a lot of courage to stand his ground against a charging bear and was still able to keep shooting.  The only thing I would have done different was to have that first shot in the shotgun also a slug instead of bird shot while in bear country.


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WOW, that young man sure did think quickly.  That sow apparently meant business, I wonder if she had some young ones around?

Even though we have bear up here Charles, the first round in summer is always snake shot.  I feel it is more likely I will see one of those than a bear.  Of course that revolver is not going to be much use if the bear charges anyway LOL

I do not know if it is this way everywhere but you will smell a bear here before you see it.  OMG they stink like 6 week old garbage!  We all have the same mentality, be aware...if you smell it know your best way to a house on the mountain and take it, the doors are never locked and you can call someone when you get into shelter

Kudos to this young man for keeping his head and his wits about him! 


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