iKC is proud to announce the 2015 Barlow.  The pattern chosen is not a production pattern, the ebony wood is not a production wood this year for Queen.  This tang stamp is brand new for Queen, it is the 2015 tang.  6 1/8 overall and 3.5 closed

At 119.00 for US destination including shipping and 130.00 for international this knife is unique to iKC and the members.  I have ordered 50 to be deep etched iKC on the bolster and 40 without the etch.  I can always change that if we need more than 50 with our etch.

Thank you to EVERYONE that helped with this years decision, I honestly cannot keep us going without your help!

Style of Knife:  Barlow 

# of Blades:  2 

Blade Set-up:  Spear and small wharncliffe (see picture) 

Type of Steel: D2 Steel with Satin Finish 

Grind of Blade: Flat Grind

Swedge Grinds: none  

Nail Marks: Crescent 

Stamp:  Q DFC tang stamp (Front) 

Etch: no 

Bolsters: Nickel Silver with iKC deep etch 

Shield:  No  

Handle Description/ Construction:  ebony  

Liners: Nickel Silver 

Pins: Nickel Silver 

Packaging:  Black Box 

Handle Description/ Construction:  ebony  

Please note the handle material in the picture IS NOT what we are using.  Our handles will be ebony


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Are there any of the Etched Barlows left? I am late to the game, however, I would love one of the etched Barlows to add to my knife gathering.

Let me know and if they are still available I will order right away via PayPal.

Thank you



Yes we do have some left and your welcome to place the order.  Thank you for your support

So there has been a bit of a twist to our order.  There will be 50 in the ebony and 50 in a burnt orange smooth bone :).  We are still etching the Ebony ones.  Since they are measuring for our material, I am assuming we are getting close :)

Jan- Do we get to choose which handle material we get?? Or is it pot luck??-- I like both handle materials, but if the burnt orange looks anything like your previous picture, I would opt for that.

I would be happy with either one of those materials. Can't wait to get one in my hands. Getting excited!

Jan, I am up for one of each if you need to move them. You can't have to many Queen knives.


Yes we are looking to move the run as quickly as possible.  I look to be hearing from Ryan very shortly on these.  I am working through what it looks like if I break up the run and etch different handle materials.  The etched and non etched will go for the same prices (we got a wonderful deal from Sargent to etch for us)

Thank you all for your support!!!!


Over here for an international shipping please...Oh boy oh boy another knife my oh my

Hi Jan,

Just ordered mine ! I am looking forward to it. Thanks !

I sent in money, via Paypal, for the IKC Barlow.  Please send one with the etch, if possible.

James Kitchens

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