Each year I take stock of what has happened here on iKC and in the knife world in general.  2016 will not go down as my favorite year, it started out rough with the loss of Terry Ray from TC Collectible Cutlery and was quickly followed by the news that Mrs. Jean Sargent had passed suddenly.

Then we lost Ms Cherry Ray and our own Cajun, Robert Burris, Mr. Clarence Risner, Howard P Reynolds, Bob Robinson's wife, Bob Andrews of Old Hundred Knives.  It seemed to be the year the Lord was needing some mighty fine knife folks.

We lost Warren Osborne, Jack W. Crain, E.G. Smith, Brian Lyttle, Rob Brown and the Christy Knife Company in Fremont Ohio marked its’ 80th year.

In the rest of the world from astronauts to entertainers, too many to list.   

But as I look through our Prayer group I am able to see iKC at its finest.  We grieved but we also rejoiced together.

We shared prayers for fires to be extinguished in multiple states, and multiple times for the victims of lunatics.  Syd Carr lost his sister but was able to make the cross country drive to see her, and we were able to meet him in person.  Kaleb and Austin Buchanan both recovered well and Charles Sample pneumonia yielded to a full recovery.  Dan Fitzgeralds’ wife came home well. 

We shared prayers, good thoughts, each other’s fears and each other’s victories as the “Holy Grail” knife was found by quite a few.

iKC may never be the biggest or most active “forum” out there.  It is my intention that we will always live up to our moto.  A FAMILY FORGED IN STEEL

While it may not have been my favorite year, I did get to go through it with my favorite folks!  Thank You all for being here with us.  The members here are what make us the best!


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Bravo Jan!  Very well stated.

Jan and all iKC members - I would like to thank all of you for your prayers for my family during our times of need in 2016. I tend to focus on the good things that happened and not dwell on the bad things. That being said, I do still remember the rough times we all went through. I am saddened of those we lost throughout the year and know those wonderful people will never be forgotten. I look forward to what 2017 will bring us all. I pray that each and everyone of you have a blessed year this new year. Thank you all for being a fiend of mine and for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community. I never realized there were so many Knife Knuts, until I joined you all here. Thank you Jan for investing in this wonderful place I call, my second home. 

More heartfelt words from Miss Jan.  What a great lady and iKnife is such a warm family place.  God Bless.

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