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Recently I have been reminded that we "meet" many people online. We know them, we care about them and we share our love of sharp objects with them.

For this Christmas contest, I want us each to meet a new friend. From Dec 18 to the 22nd at midnight PST, everyone that either comes to the chatroom and meets someone new OR goes to someones page and adds a friend is entered.

Make it easy on me guys & gals, come to this discussion and just say I did it.

This contest is one EVERYONE is eligible to enter and I would like it to be the contest that gets the most attention for 2017. LET'S ALL MAKE A NEW FRIEND!

1 of 1, of the 2017 ikc knives I had etched this year, one was marked Merry Christmas. That knife, a 2018 calendar and a magnastand to display your knife on. Also in the prize box will be a surprise :)


I will open the contest Sunday night

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Jan very nice and cool knife with Marry Christmas on the blade. Make a good mate for my 2017 iKC knife. I love the calendar which came just at the right time. I am old school and like to have my calendar separate from my "not so smart" phone.

Marry Christmas my fellow Knife/Cutting friends. It is my prayer each and everyone of you will be blessed in the coming year with good health and family close.


i did it .I meet a man in canda name is scott bulpitt,he sells knife handle mammoth tooth and ivory he is on face book look at house of mammoth

Thank you Jan for this wonderful opportunity and for the "hope"! I did it. I don't get around much as I don't own a regular computer. But I need to say - "Merry Christmas to ALL", be safe, "GOD Bless", sincerely Randy.

I may have missed his name, on the list, Jan, but John Thornburg reached out to me.

Just sitting here reading all the comments, and wanted to wish everyone a great, happy holiday season. I have made several new friends in the past couple of days, wonderful ! Thanks again Jan  and have a great holiday too. I did it.... several times ! :-)

I did it!  I talked to a new member in the chat room plus sent out a couple more friend requests.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Nice photo Andy, any photo with Santa AND Case knives in it works for me!

                                                                                Merry Christmas IKC!

Andy Larrison said:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Been occupied of late.

Well, I done did it!

Best of the season t y'all.

I'm in.  Merry Christmas !

*whew* Almost missed it! I am in as well!! And merry Christmas, all!

did it done it! Thanks for the contest!

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