All I can say about TSA knives is WOW.  When I asked one of the new owners if there was something she wanted to provide us with for the Christmas 2019 contest she outdid herself.

Check out the SFO COA.  Only 103 were made. 

1 Prototype

99 serial numbered 

3 Non Numbered

This is one of those 3 non numbered!


Go to TSA Knives new website and give us some specific information

1) What do you like about it?
2) What in your opinion could be improved?
3) What are the 3 names of the new TSA Knife Partners introduced in early October?
Come back here and post the answers
YES, I know that after the 1rst person names the new owners someone could copy it but I trust you all to actually go look !!
Everyone can enter once.  The contest runs from today Dec 9th through Dec 23rd at an undisclosed (as yet) time.
HINT**  You may want to be paying attention to this discussion and the TSA Blog as a chance for another entry within the 2 week period is possible but may not be announced by email.

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Congratulations to Erin McGlynn, her husband Pat and daughter Katie taking over the business. Web site was easy to read and navigate. Like the free shipping over $50.

I don't know if I am in the know on this but on the Contact Us page the line for a persons name is spelled Nameru. Don't know if it is typo or something I just never herd of or saw before.  

1. Website is simple, clear and easy to navigate.  Always nice to see photos of the knives up front and not just text.

2. I would recommend a "cleaner" photo on the home page.  I understand the idea of a haphazard group of knives and "accessories", but a bit more careful layout and arrangement would take care of things quite easily. (Have done this numerous times myself).  It always take some time to get it just right, so give it a shot! 

3. The McGlynn family - Erin, Pat and Katie (how cool is that?  Hey Dad!  I'm gonna go play with some knives, ok???)


The new partners are Erin,Pat and Katie McGlynn.

The website is straight forward , well put together and easy to get around

The website  contains products related to knives and therefore  interesting to me.

I like to see email contact .As an Aussie  would like to check international  shipping .

Hi Jan,

I never win these things, but I can't help playing.  Besides, it's always neat to see what folks are doing.  The new owners are Erin, Pat and Katie Glynn.  I do wish them the very best.  The site seemed easy to navigate to me, and I really don't have any suggestions to improve it.  If it's easy for a computer ignorant dude like me, they must be doing something right.  Merry Christmas to all!

1) The web site is easy to navigate, and there is a very nice selection of knives.

2) Three areas that could use improvement: 1) Bigger pictures. 2) Better description with more information (details). Example: blade thickness, handle thickness, etc.. Adopt a template from another site. 3) When you use the term store from people are going to look for a physical address or place. If you are internet sales only then the term online market place might be better.

3) The new TSA Knives LLC partners are Erin, Pat, and Katie McGlynn 

If you have found a way to get a second entry please just put in here.  I DID IT.  DO NOT REVEAL WHAT YOU DID


Erin,Pat and Katie McGlynn are the owners.

The website is straight forward and easy to navigate.

I found the products very interesting!

Looking forward to see who the winners are!

Pretty sure I did it too...

And don't forget to share with other knife-enthusiast friends!

I like the size, and the 2 blade when a large blade is not needed,

Would like to see it with genuine stag scales,

TSA Knives partners! The first of October, Erin, Pat and Katie McGlynn,

Thanks Jan and TSA Knives for the opportunity to get entered for this great knife!


1. I love how easy it is to get around and find what your looking for.

2. Maybe more info and pictures. It’s hard to break down and buy a knife sometimes if there is not enough pictures to know what your getting.

3. The new TSA Knives LLC partners are Erin, Pat, and Katie McGlynn!

Good luck everyone!


The new partners are Erin,Pat and Katie McGlynn.

 The website is easy to navigate, nice pictures with the ability to search many different ways.

 Not much improvement is needed. Maybe a few more pictures of individual knives showing greater detail.

 A nice selection of knives and associated product.

 Merry Christmas to All. 


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