For the last month or so I have been getting the emails I love to see…When will we see a 2019 iKC knife?

Every year I look for something we have not done, something fun to add to the collection and I am having a ball looking for New Old Stock items for us.  This year was no different and I finally have them in hand.  As always we will only offer 25 of them.

We have never done a toothpick, never a Winchester, never a cartridge shield and with all those good aspects, to top it off?  Made By Queen Cutlery in 1993.


Produced by QUEEN CUTLERY (1993)


In Original Box



Winchester Knives Model.270 Cartridge Series Large Toothpick

Main Blade Length & Type 4" Clip

Blade Steel Stainless

Bolsters Nickel Silver

Handle Material Burnt Orange Bone w/Winchester Jig

Liners Brass

Inlay Bullet Shield

Overall Length 5" Closed

The main blade has the original Cartridge Series Etch and the back is etched iKC 2019

Thank you all for your support as we offer our 9th knife in the annual series.  As always the cost includes shipping to any USA address.  If you are outside of the USA please contact me.  We never make money on shipping.

Cost is 118.00 including shipping to USA addresses

Knives are ready to mail and will be priority USPS

Payment button is here

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Thanks Dennis I think you are going to like this one

Arrived yesterday, but too busy to take a pic .... besides, I wanted to give it a good sharpening!  Now, forgive  my ignorance .... but anyone have a definitive answer on blade steel Queen used on this Winchester.  I thought I had read somewhere that it was 1095 .... but boy this sounded and felt like a stainless (maybe 440 series) steel when sharpening it.  Anyway, while probably too large for me to want to actually carry and use ... it makes for a great addition to the collection!!!  Thanks again Jan.

WOWSA!  Thanks for the awsome pic!

This is indeed a stainless and that is where the mystery stainless comes in.

Let me see if I can remember this as it happened.  Queen was one of the first US knife companies to use stainless.  Most folks didnt trust a steel that wont rust.  So instead of calling it a stainless it was promoted as "QUEEN STEEL" and you will see that stamped on many, many Queen knives.  To the best of my knowledge it does not necessarily always have to be the same steel.  Some of it is 440 and some 420.  I am certain there are some of the old workers that could tell you which one this was but I could not.

Aha!  Thanks Jan.  I knew something was fishy here.  Well, fishy with respect to my searching for info on the knife before I received it.  Have seen a number for sale at various places and have even seen a pic of one with what looked to be some decent patina.  All were 1993 models.  Some didn't reverence steel type, others indicated 1095.  As soon as I began sharpening it I said to myself ... nah .... this doesn't sharpen like 1095 .... and I have sharpened enough knives with 1095 to know the difference!!!   My guess is 440 ... but really doesn't much matter, other than leaving a minor question mark in my knife record keeping!!!

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