2019, A year I personally will not remember very fondly.  Too many losses.

On the plus side, we gained new members and friends in the knife community and a new grandson.

Members we have watched grow up have become parents themselves and new grandchildren were also brought into the knife collecting world.

I have spoken with 2 members that will be announcing amazing and well deserved recognition and growth in their businesses in 2020. 

We watched one of our own dealers, Trestle Pine, change directions in his business and welcomed a new family to TSA knives.  Along those same lines we saw Reed cutlery welcome Schley Custom & Restorations to iKC.

Bushcrafting and the Outdoor groups have seen a good growth spurt this year as has the Knife repair and restoration group.  Case & Great Eastern are probably still the most active groups, thank you Mr Kenneth Hill for making GEC great again J!

Photos seems to have slowed some, I fault myself for that one.  I have been derelict in letting you all know how much I like and appreciate the photos.  I promise to do better in 2020.

We lost more knife makers than I care to count.  Pete Gerber, James Ivy, Andre' Vallieres and Ken Warner to name a few.  While recently we have seen an uptick in the number of knife makers, each one we lose takes some knowledge with them that we can never get back.  They leave us a legacy of steel.  Take the time to know your makers, it makes the collection that much more interesting.

It is a new year.  Chase that holy grail knife, go to a show and hold that knife from the company you have been thinking about getting into.  Heck, just go to a show and meet another collector.  Have you met your favorite dealer?  Find out where they will be, stop by and say hi!  Check out the events section it will tell you where, God willing, I will be attending this year.

Stay Sharp, forge ahead and let’s make 2020 a fantastic year!

Share with me your favorite purchase of 2019

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This is it for 2019 , they are kind of order early and get delivered later...........

With out question, my favorite purchase of 2019 was this folder by Italian engraver/knife maker Carlo Cavedon.

ok SHARP PEOPLE>...........you all have bought knives last year..........Let's Hear from you

It would be hard for me to narrow it down to a favorite, because I have several that I acquired in 2019 that are special to me for different reasons. Here are some that are in the category of favorites.

The first two are some that are special to me because Donnie Carter showed me how to forge them and let me use his forge, anvil, hammers and grinder (they are my first ever, forged knives). In the second picture, is my favorite Case knife of 2019. This one was purchased while I was on vacation with my beautiful wife, while staying in TN, near the Great Smoky Mountains. In the third picture, is my favorite knife that I won in 2019. It is the second Benchmade knife that I own and I am very pleased with the quality of them. You sure can't beat free. In the forth and last picture is, my latest BHK (Battle Horse Knives) acquisition. I was able to pick this one up the day after Christmas. This the Woodsman, with a scandi grind and green micarta scales. It is one that will accompany it's big brother (Woodsman Pro) in the woods, when I am camping.

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