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Many years ago, when GEC was very young, we used to buy knives that were good quality but had a cosmetic flaw.  It made us rethink our stand on seconds. 

What do you think?  If a knife is being purchased as a user and the only flaw in the knife is a double strike on a pin, is it worth paying considerably less?

Lets take a look at what you can find.

CFK USA Custom Handmade Raindrop Damascus Wide Game Skinning Micart... 22.50

Schatt Morgan Queen Edc Slimline Trapper Knife Brown Maple, Unused  65.00


Now I chose only a few and also those marked USA made.  I wanted to be sure we were looking at apples to apples.  These are good deals.  The company makes back some of the money by marking them in some manner and selling them to a dealer willing to sell a less than perfect user and make a smaller profit.

Are you willing to be the buyer?

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If I were buying a knife for a user and the flaw was only cosmetic, yes I would buy it.  If I were buying for my collection, that depends.

Heck yes!! If you are just buying a user, what better way to get your knife up to 50% off than Blems? Most times it is a scratch or double-strike. Almost always they are undetectable. Usually you can't find the issue. I have bought a few Blems, and have no complaints. Great to try  Cosmetic blemishes have no impact on quality. Usually something so petty you would never realise it. Definitely worth the money if it is a 50% discount or close.

That is a yes from me too. As a user, I have bought blemished knives before. I have no problem cleaning it up myself or just using it. 

In a minute.
As long as its a cosmetic issue, and doesn't affect the integrity of the knife itself, I'm in for a better deal

I pretty much have enough user knives now and keep a few inexpensive junk knives in the truck.  Cosmetic flaws might be given to a friend who can not afford something well made.

One of my EDC is a Schrade IXL with a xx stamped on the base. I really cant find the flaw. I have no problem carrying a second as long as it functions reasonably well.

if its going to be a user,save that buck for a rainny day,i have bought several s stamped knives this year,a 79 2 blade a nw hawthorne in stag my most recent was a appoloosa bone single blade 54,looks like its gonna be a cold rainny week here,may have time to put pictures up,

Here's a place for some Kershaw Factory Blems if anyone is interested...

Thanks Manx!

Depends.  Many blems, like the Kershaws being sold on that KershawGuy site, are being sold without warranty.  You're more likely to need a warranty for a user than a collection piece.  

I bought the Kershaw Rake as a piece for my collection but then just had to use it.  When I did, the tip broke off when I was cutting up a cardboard tube & it hit a piece of aluminum (it was the tube for a bottle of Scotch).  Kershaw covered it (as long as I paid for shipping) -- but that was a lot cheaper than the $80 cost to replace it.  If I'd paid half that, but without the warranty, I'd just have a knife with a broken tip today.

Not that I've ever seen an Esee blem on the market, but I couldn't imagine buying an Esee without a warranty, or even a Buck, because that's a really huge part of the purchase for me.

There's a lot of knives I don't buy because I don't trust the company to come through even if they had a warranty (like the CFK knives, or pretty much anything directly purchased from China or Pakistan).  I put this all together while thinking about this question, so thanks for posting it, Jan!

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