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Made by master folder maker Suchat Jangtanong who resides in Thailand. More of his work can be found here: http://www.mrdamascusknives.com/)

This is one of his older knives.

The steel is Alabama Damascus by Brad Vice.
The screws are all 14K gold plated.
Handle is inlayed with Black Lip mother of Pearl and Mastodont Ivory as is the spine.
Liners are anodised titanium
The thumbstud is currently placed lefthanded but works better on the righthand. I'll place it back on that side unless the new owner doesn't want me to.
The knife comes with an Ostrich Leather pocket slip case. I'll also try and dig up the certificate for it.

The price is with tracked shipping included within Europe. Outside of the EU I'm asking for an additional €10

Bladelength is 3" This is a true and true gentleman's folder. It's done light cutting duties and has been sharpened. But other than that it's in pristine state.

Asking $450 shipped.

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Quite a knife Alexander. Somebody will get a great knife right there!

It's an amazing piece Steve. Breaks my heart to have to part with it but something has come up that's just more important.

What an awesome knife Alexander!

It could be yours

Nice knife!

Thanks Charles. High quality too. The man's knives go for highballer prices nowadays. He was made a member of the Canadian Guild without even being present himself. All it took was the guild members to see his knives and the wanted him with them.

Due to the value of the Euro dropping I can now offer this knife for

$400 shipped with tracking.

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