I thought the box of knives was just another urban legend until now.

Recently got a nice surprise from my dad a shoe box of knives see  pictures

Know some but not a lot about these so any info is helpful.

The two I know nothing about are one the soligen knife with the wasp handle and a fist holding 3 arrows

this is a very sharp knife and the drop point is also shapened.( right of FS knife )

The other is an old Scandi knife signed in the blood groove  "Yisakki Yarvenpaa "

The newer knife is by the same maker and I would  like to know more and try to date the older knife

Enjoy I am.

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Well OK Bruce we will try! This may require some sleuthing and we may have more questions but let's see how it goes! By the way, truly a great "box of knives"! 

Buy your Dad a steak dinner!

I am especially drawn to the bottom pic, Schrade 15OT and what appears to be 2 Western Cutlery fixed blades, my favorites.

If you could provide closer pics of the tangs from knives in question, I may be of some help.

Thanks Brad

Attached a picture of tang stamp on soligen knife,The other side is stamped 13918 Soligen,Germany

Also close up of scandi knifes signed blood groove and stamp on  handle

Yes that is a Schrade 150 (My Dads hunting knife my Grandfather bought with my Dads money cause he was tired of loaning his to my Dad ) The knife to the left is also a Schrade #148 the forerunner to the Old Timer line and the furthest to the right is a Kinships Y330


Bruce, a few answers-- 

1- The fist holding 3 arrows is not a makers mark, it is an importers mark-.
Owned by Precise International Corporation of Suffern NY.  That mark was used 1954-1966. Knives with this mark were  made by Schlieper; also by Voos, Linder, and other mfrs in Solingen, Germany.

2-Your other knife is a Iisaaki Jarvenpaa Oy- The oldest knife company in Finland-- Still in business, and have been since 1898. These are tough to date, because they never used any type of date code.If you can provide some good individual pictures of the knives  you have questions about, I will try to help you narrow  the dates down if I can-- The Finnish knives from this Mfg. sometimes have subtle differences that help date it-- I know, cuz I have a horsehead puuko knife from the same Mfg.  I found there were minor differences in the horsehead that helped date it-- Same may be true with yours--- I'll have to brush up on my Finnish in the meantime--LOL

Thanks John

As all ways a wealth of knowledge. .

I am starting to really like these Scandi knives

The other knife by same maker is a knife that fits well to the hand and has a deadly edge

I posted more pics of the older knife

Thanks again for the info

Bruce, Iisaaki Jarvenpaa Oy knives are very well made and considered by most the best  made of the major Finnish knife companies--I can't get a decent photo of my blade etch right now,(pouring rain and interior lights show too many reflections) but I suspect your knife may be fairly early. Your etch looks hand done, and even mine circa WWII appears to be machine etched.I will show you a clear photo of the blade etch of a more modern one, basically the same as mine-- You can see the difference. BTW, they used the Finnish  Moose etch, or variations there of, on lots of their knves-- ( there are moose in Finland)-- anyhow, here is a clear blade etch to compare to from a more modern knife-

I love the Finnish blade, I have a soft spot for scandi grinds. The one on the left of the last picture looks like a Spanish made blade.

Doug, I agree that knife has kind of a Spanish feel- However, if you look at the enlarged photo- Inside the filagree on the blade near the tip , you will see it is made by Cutco-- out of New York.

Oops, didn't catch that. Guess I've been looking at too many foreign sites.

Yes that is a Cutco knife I believe they call it a White Puma? My nephew sold Cutco working his way thru college

( A very sharp lad ) This knife is a brute. Knife and sheath together weigh 9 oz. Here is the sheath I made for the older finnish knife. And a picture of the newer Iisaaki Jarvenpaa 

knife with factory sheath and  markings on blade. Would like to know date of this knife if someone knows.

John , If there are moose in finland I hope they look like Bullwinkle J. Because according to my critics ( Wife and daughter )

Thats what mine looks like. Starting to clean up knives in box and will show as I go. I am leaving the older Jarvenpaa as is

just gave it a bath and that brought out the wood grain. As much attention as I am giveing Scandi knives my ancestors are rolling over in there graves

Bruce, I happen to like  the "Bullwinkle" sheath. It's got character !! Knives are looking good there, buddy !!

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