This is a Scottish initiative that I just found out about and it is driving me a little nuts LOL.  You can not make this stuff up folks, just look at some of the info on their site

What is knife crime? What are the consequences of picking up a knife?

Here are some facts to help you feel more confident when talking to your child:


Getting caught with a knife

If you get caught with a knife, even if it was for your own protection or you were carrying it for someone else, you will be arrested and prosecuted.


Stopped and Searched

Police can and will search anyone they believe is carrying a knife. On average over 50,000 people in Scotland were stopped and searched by Police each month between April and November 2013.



Getting caught with a knife can mean a prison sentence of up to 4 years - even if it's not used.

so what do you think about this??? http://noknivesbetterlives.com/parents/knowing-the-facts/

are there other countries out there this bad??

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l.lantz said:

If it wasn't for the NRA only criminals would have firearms. The time is NOW for knife owners to join the AKTI or Knife Rights or it is merely a matter of time until we are just like the UK,or worse!
You have a way to go yet Leo and a chance to pull things round you folks are holding the firearm situation together with the NRA . 
We have no knife rights organisations let alone an NRA !
Try to buy a knife magazine at the news agent , you would be thought mad !
There are two or three of us at work who like knives and we have to show each other our new knives whilst huddled in corners like drug dealers .
It wasn't like this when I was a young lad in fact there is a picture of me as a ten year old on my page with a sheaf knife and no one would have thought anything of it.  It has been in the last ten or so years that no one wants to be held responsible for the things they do , it is easier to blame knives or guns than people .

it is easier to blame knives or guns than people .

We are just seeing the beginning of this new order of no personal responsibility for actions.  Even our elected officals dont feel responsible for what they do, much less for what they do to us

I think it is ,at least over here, because every time some crazy or criminal get's up to something stupid , a politician is asked "what is the government going to do about it". Well there are something's the government can fix and there are something's that they can't fix. The snag is that they can't say "what the heck do you expect me to do about that" they have to have an answer . The easiest answer is to say no one should own knives and then they can't stab each other . The fact that this is a dumb answer is neither here nor there , the politician has come up with a remedy and everyone can sleep peacefully in their beds . As long as no one look's in the cutlery drawer at home of course and provided that all the criminals hand in their knives when they are asked to . 

So now all knives are looked on as weapons and all who carry knives are potential criminals. I feel grossly insulted by this attitude but as most members of the public unthinkingly go along with this then there doesn't appear to be a remedy .

Well John you may have unknowingly given us a short term solution.  We can offended by the term weapons.  Right now our culture thinks if you can be offended by something we should change the name of it or hide it

I am offended that they call my collection weapons.  How about the rest of you?

Seriously...Leo had the right idea NOW for knife owners to join the AKTI or Knife Rights , we are approaching a time where it may be too late

I am going to relate a true story that even now is painful to recall- My former fiancee  and girlfriend of 10 years was murdered in June 2004, when she walked in on a man burglarizing her home. She struggled with her attacker, who beat her unconscious and then stabbed her in the back numerous times, killing her.She was not killed with any custom knife or folding knife, but her own carving knife the attacker found in her kitchen. It was a weapon of convenience, just like a brick, stone, or a metal pipe might be. The ultimate tragedy was that it took 2 years to find a DNA match in our judicial system, although the attacker had a  prior conviction in another state for sexual assault, although she was not sexually molested. In this day & age, the fiend that killed her could have been anywhere in the world in the time it took to match DNA evidence. It was not until 2010, when they finally convicted him and sentenced him to a double life sentence--- How many more victims could he have harmed (or did harm) in those 2 years??-- Cases go cold, thousands of rape kits never processed, for lack of speedy processing of DNA evidence. Time to stop worrying about the weapon, and focus on the tools already at hand to catch these killers-I doubt there are any homes in America, or most anywhere else, that doesn't have a kitchen knife-- Knife restrictions merely obfuscate the fact, that most anything can become a weapon-What's next??-- Screwdrivers and chisels-- Both can be deadly---  Look at our prisons- Most anything can be turned into a shiv it the desire is there-- Ludicrous rantings of sheeples-- 


I am sorry for what you and her family have gone through to see this to the end.  Trust me when I say, I know the pain.  Kitchen knives are the greatest threat for sharp objects I can think of and IF you can find the statistics it is very evident.  A friend that is an officer actually told me that what they get threatened with most often is screw drivers!  It is not the objects

The BBC are reporting that "knife crime "has gone up in the UK , not sure if a link to the BBC would work for you folks in the States but here it is anyway.


The picture to highlight this is of interest, a vicious looking weapon this fellow has cunningly concealed . Though it does look rather like a knife commonly found in every kitchen in the world.

The statistics come ahead of tougher penalties, due to come into force on Friday, that will mean adults in Englannd and Wales convicted more than once of being in possession of a blade face a minimum six month prison sentence and a maximum of four years.

A few things I find interesting in your area of the world and growing in ours.

1)  Without the training of respect for the tool at a younger age, by the teenage years it is viewed as a weapon.  This includes both pocket knives and kitchen knives equally

2)  Statistics are hard to come by as to what type of knife and they are usually grouped like the ones in your article, as a "knife or sharp instrument"

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