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Twice a year this group of Bladesmiths get together and share the knowledge and the fun.  You can look back at my previous writings about them, I admire them all!

Having been unable to go to a knife show this year has effected me, I hate it.  So when the discussion came up about can we do this, my answer was Heck YES!  So we all went to working out plans for social distancing and making it as safe as possible.  Only about 50% of the Bladesmiths came to set up and a few of the vendors chose not to come. Spreading out became a little easier.  Trackrock Campground was full so we knew there would be visitors...ALL SET

As I head out on day one I am reminded of how beautiful our area is

When I first got there a cut off tool was being made from some roun...

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Thanks for sharing the pics Jan. Wish I could have been there - My first and only miss (I hope).

We did miss you also Carl

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