TSA Knives is thinking “SFO HUNTING KNIFE”


Hess Knifeworks was established in 2005, after many years of working for other knife companies. Whether we are building our own brand or working on someone else's knives, our goal remains the same, and that is to make high quality "Made in the USA" bench made custom knives.


Greg is asking…how would YOU modify this knife?


Entry for this month is easy.  Enter as many times as you would like.   Help Greg decide what the hunters, collectors, knife folks would ask for if they could make this knife their own?  Give us your ideas.




And what will the winner receive?  How about a HESS knife?


Cocobolo Wood

2.5 inch total length Blade
1095 high carbon steel 
1/8" thick blade

Notch for Firesteel use

Brass Lanyard Tube

Brown Leather Belt Sheath



This contest will run the month of August and Greg @ TSA Knives will choose the winner.  So enter often and lets help Greg build an SFO he and Hess Knifeworks can be proud to offer.



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very nice, offer it with the options of bone or stag handles and also a guard. 

I would add deep finger grooves, including one just ahead of the guard area in the tang.   Looking at the last picture Jan posted, the fore finger needs a place to lay.   That might possibly allow the handle to be shorter and the blade a little longer.  Then I would leave about 1/3 of the blade width unfinished along the spine.  I love the blackened, hammer-marked look, and combined with a flat grind and deep notches for the thumb to rest on would be a real knockout.  I would keep the polished hard wood handles, brass pins & lanyard tube, and the 1095 steel.

Append my earlier post and add the following...might add a model that offers a gut hook.

This is a beutiful knife as is

A different style sheath to protect that wonderful handle would be nice

A guard would be workable but might ruin the look

That is a gorgeous knife the way it is.  How about making the blade from a high quality stainless steel like CPM154, S30V, or ATS-34.

Instead of making a wood handle, offer a more weather resistant version with handles made from micarta or G10

Just one more week and this knife is getting a new home.  Thank you again Greg at TSAKnives, for the opportunity to get some great ideas and for offering this knife as the prize this month

Hope folks know we are still playing and that they may redesign any knife made by Hess. Keep those ideas coming and get in on the give away!

A deeper finger choil forward of the handle.

End of the month is coming!  Keep the ideas coming too

i do like the longer handle, shorter blade for the style of knife that it is.. as i mentioned before, i would like it with a bit wider handle with finger grooves, they wouldnt have to be deep, or even have grooves if the handle was a bit wider, just to make it more comfy to hold onto to for longer periods of time. someone mentioned a thumb rest for those more cumbersome tasks.that sounds good. someone also mentioned a guthook model, but that would need to be on a bit longer blade (in my opinion) for more of a skinner knife, than a caper. I really like this knife the way it is.. the wider short blade looks great for getting in around the bone and the bullnose keeps you from punching holes where you dont want a hole :). a stag handle would look great, but i belive they already have it with that option.. but if noe stag or bone would be nice. i like the lanyard hole..might not hurt if it had a lashing hole, for survival purposes.( making a great little spear)  other than that.. great looking knife!  edit--- oh yes,  and a fire steel pouch on sheath  or option with fire steel..would be handy to use with the notch .  ok i'm done. thanks .

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