So a couple of the boys from my Church Branch asked if I wanted to go hiking/camping with them.

Now hiking over here just means walking a lot because there are virtually NO areas where there are no people. But it IS a good chance to go outdoors. And we did find some woods where it was legal to camp.

I don't have any pictures of the way over. Because it was raining so bad all the way and I didn't want to subject my camera to that.

But here's some shots of our camping spot and the way back.

Couple of wet boys

Yummy green pea soup.

Ready for the night.


Luckily it stopped raining in the morning and we had GREAT weather on the way back.

And offcourse sometimes you just have to take a little break.

It was a good trip. Reminded me of how much I love being outdoors and I do it far too little.

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Glad you and the boys had a good trip, we should all aspire to be outdoors a little more often this year

Great trip and memories. It's a hard time of year to camp in a tent. Next time try a little fishing in that river. Great photos.

I too plan on more activities outdoors. Yes even me! I had a rough 2012-2013, so this year I plan on more trips, outdoors. Even, just day trips. I was also thinking of a outdoor photo contest, about just anything outdoors, from a picture of a flower to a big mountain. Wait till spring and will talk about it.

Looks like you had a wonderful time, Alexander.  Bad weather makes for great stories later.

To take a kid fishing, hunting or camping is what it's all about. My opinion goes up on anyone who takes the time to do so.

Great pictures! Not enough boys are doing stuff like that nowadays. They just want to sit pecking on their phones! LOL! 

Craig, I find that most boys just don't know about it. In the summer I take all the church teenagers (boys) from our region (about 20 or so of them) on a camp that lasts about a week.

It was pretty primitive. The only facilities on our campground were a tap with drinking water.

But they loved it. Offcourse the weather was amazing and that helped. But I LOVE being outdoors like that and I'm showing all those big city kids that they would too if they could just give it a chance.

Offcourse they brought their phones....but since there was no power at camp they pretty much only used it for taking pictures because they were so affraid that the battery would run dry and they wouldn't be able to recharge it.

I wonder if anyone has looked at Tech vs Trek?  Most all of Western Europe, and some of Scandanavia would fit inside the U.S., and since Western Europe is so much older than the U.S. there is less open space than here.  I think migration to the cities here has continued unabated since the Industrial Revolution, and even recently, while city sprawl has engulfed suburbia and contiguous rural countryside, the housing crisis here, along with higher gasoline prices (longer commutes to work) have crimped folks' ability to move to the countryside.  Plus, folks have gotten used to high-speed internet and cable TV, which means that there is a further reluctance to move out to what is called "fly-over" country, or parts of states that people fly over on their way between cities, but never visit or live there.

Tech has invaded the globe, but I wonder just how many folks in rural areas with lots of open spaces have opted to be stuck behind Tech (computer screens, games, TV, etc.) compared to city folks who are surrounded by the "concrete jungle" with virtually no open space to explore.  National parks here seem to still get capacity crowds in the summer, so somebody is getting outdoors.


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