So you have read The Heart of a Hammer In.  This is about a moveable feast of knives that happens at Trackrock.  Knives start to come out of pockets, you hear…Hey you know that knife we talked about?  I brought it with me, and “Have you seen what ***** built?  It’s on the table, let’s go look.”

The variety is endless, even from a single maker!  Take Dirk Loots for example.  He sits down with me, opens his backpack and a world of wonder comes out of it.

A mini with damacus and abalone share a space with his latest large knife.

Dont let the horrible cell phone pics fool you, these knives are to drool over!

Then there is the I need that group, where the makers are getting customer feedback and doing a little sales.  This is Cohutta Knives.  Russell Reece brings out a couple rolls

I heard him discussing the different wood, the types of metal, the heat treatment.  It is excellent to see the makers and potential makers, some customers just getting to know one another over a roll of knives.

Mark is not only a forged in fire winner, he has been a longtime participant in the fall Hammer Ins'.  Trained in Great Britain, just to hear his anvil ring is a treat.  He not only makes knives but has a blacksmith shop in Atlanta where he also teaches.

Next is a maker that also collects and loves old knives!  Mr. Jim Hamer brought a few recent purchases for us to see.

Along with knives, leather work is taught and shown off (as it should be)

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There is always at least one charity for kids happening,  Any and all profit at this hammer in, not used for the next goes to a childrens charity.  I think this one was St Judes.  That does not mean we dont welcome someone helping another one 

and there is also a large table for handmade knives

And then there is a dealer that sells material for making knives, handmade knives and manufactured.  A great supporter of all things sharp OLDE TOWNE CUTLERY

All in all it was a great knife show inside a hammer in, all wrapped up in a way to give back to childrens' charities.  Hmmm, no wonder it is one my my favorite events

my apologies to Lee at Olde Towne Cutlery, I cant seem to make you stand up straight tonight.

I would have had to leave the Old Town table with another Rough Ryder Wharncliffe...among other things.

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