Can't believe we are entering a another decade. I hope everyone has a great new year.  As I open up a new iKC calendar, thought it would be a great idea to choose a knife a month to showcase.  Here's my knife of the month for January (I wonder what yours might be?!).  This is the last knife I purchased in 2019.  It's a utility / hunter by TK Steingass - spalted hackberry handle with a 4.5" 1095 blade with hamon.

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It's May, and time for a new Calendar pic.  Here is one of my more recent Alan Davis slippies dressed in jigged bone, copper and Damascus.

This one certainly is dressed to impress!! 

June .......   GEC 93 ram's foot with antique autumn jigged bone covers.

July ... my trio of Queen-made humpback whittlers.  Orange bone Colonel Coon, jigged bone Robeson, and buffalo horn Tuna Valley.

Now that is a trio to envy! Losing that factory has been a loss to so many good tangs

August .....  Here is an Alan Davis knife I never tire admiring.  The scales are made from some of the most striking Masur birch I have ever seen. 

It's September already and I am busy getting ready for winter .... which up here, off of Lake Erie, could come as early as next month!  And ... that's not a complaint, mind you .... I love cold weather and snow. 

Anyway, for this month, I pulled out a Case seahorse whittler and a doctor's knife with barbed wire jigged bone covers.  A great pair. 

For October, here's one of my GEC 62 pocket carvers.

November already!  Hope all of our US iKC family remembers to get out and vote.

Dennis, new calendar will be finished tomorrow.  This thread is going to stand out 

Wish it would have been a little more active ... but I certainly have had fun!  I think I am going to end the year with an Alan Davis.

Capping off this year is a nice Alan Davis.  Alan forged a 2-bar random pattern Damascus to make this this one.  Looks nice with those giraffe bone scales.

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