Can't believe we are entering a another decade. I hope everyone has a great new year.  As I open up a new iKC calendar, thought it would be a great idea to choose a knife a month to showcase.  Here's my knife of the month for January (I wonder what yours might be?!).  This is the last knife I purchased in 2019.  It's a utility / hunter by TK Steingass - spalted hackberry handle with a 4.5" 1095 blade with hamon.

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March .... in like a lion(steel) and out like a lamb with this LionSteel jack dressed in olive wood.

Goodness that is one sleek and sexy blade there Dennis!

I've had enough ..... I'm throwing all my knives in the trash.  Ha .... April Fools!

Here's a Trivisa Pisces 2 Zulu spear dressed in natural bone. 

LOL! April Fools indeed. Let me know when I want to pick up your trash ROFL

That is a real looker!

Running behind this month, probably because April only had 30 days!  Anyway, here's my Mount of Olives, olive wood Gec 77 Yankee barlow to kick off the May.

How 'bout another barlow as enter June.  The Böker prime barlow with covers made from oak reclaimed from Castle Burg.  Hard to decide whether I like the oak on this better than the olive wood on the GEC 77 Yankee barlow.

Happy Independence Day month .... and, we are halfway through the year.

Here are a couple Moki Serapis models as we are now officially entering the back side of 2022.  BTW, just who are those handsome masked devils on the August calendar?  Hah!!!

Mcusta Shinra Katana .... I just can't say enough good things about this knife!!!

"....and coming in at number 9, another masterpiece from the calendar halls of Dennis Hibar. Just listen as the crowd goes wild!"  :-D

Well, it is October .... but I don't have a suitable Halloween picture this year.  However, I do believe this doctor's knife could handle surgery on a pumpkin in no time flat!

Great choice Dennis...so to put a Halloween spin on it, I believe it's a Mad Doctor's knife this month....right? (wink wink)

A kaleidoscope of color and texture, it radiates autumnal sentiments....and it's pretty too!  :-D

A sign outside one of my fellow worker's office said yesterday..."Happy Fall everyone! No wait....this is Texas."

May you be blessed with cooler temps and frosty mornings this season Dennis - and thank you for sharing.

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