Getting around in iKnifeCollector.com

A good many times I have heard, you’re not set up like a forum and I keep getting lost.  So I have decided we need a cheat sheet.

The main page of iKC is where everything has its roots but from any page you can reach the navigation bar at the top

You can bring yourself to the main page from anywhere by clicking main

Once there the set up pretty much stays that same

THE LEFT COLUMN              THE CENTER COLUMN                              THE RIGHT COLUMN

WHAT IS HOT                        GROUPS                                                     INBOX/SETTINGS

FORUMS                               PHOTO SLIDE SHOW                                 LATEST ACTIVITY

BIRTHDAYS                           BLOGS                                                       SPONSORS




Notice the navigation bar at the top will also take you to the same places.  The biggest different is when you come in from the main page of iKC, it shows you the latest in each of those categories.  There are more tabs at the top that you can explore but this is the basics for navigating around our site.

Have some fun, visit a portion of the site you have not previously seen.  Did you know we have over 70 specialty GROUPS to talk about your favorite brand, outdoor activities, survival, shooting, repairing knives or even the beginning builder.

As always, Thanks for being here with us.  The members are what make our site a home

Jan Carter          

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Some great advice Jan. We are diffrent than many Forums. We. are somewhat like FB except here we won't chase you out for posting a pic of a knife!


When you upload a photo to any group or discussion you would go to the same box you would type a question or an answer like right here in this comment box. At the top of the box you'll see a whole bunch of things starting with the word link(which is underlined) the box next to it is image and if you hover over the box with your mouse it will say image. Click that and it will open a box that asks you where on your computer do you keep pictures. Just select the picture you want and double click or open and your picture will start to load. You can add comments once its loaded either above the picture or below.

Now if you want to just load pictures on your "My Page" here is what you do.   Find the spot that says My Photos and you should see a small link that says add photos, click that and it will open a loader where you can pick the pictures you would like to load from your computer. Add your photos, create an album or albums and you can add captions to the pictures too.

Great summary Jan, I feel the site is fairly easy to get around in. It (like everything) just takes a little getting use to.

Thanks Jan. I think this will help a lot of the not-so-savey users like me.

With more help and instruction to come!

Perhaps this list will help.  Went through the forums, blogs and discussions and attempted to categorize helpful topics, for the group.  Attempted to divide them into respective areas of topics.  It's still a work in progress, but I hope it helps.

Click on the links to see the relevant discussion...

Want to know what iKC is all about.  Check out the "About us" page  -                        http://www.iknifecollector.com/page/about-us


Starting out as a new member poses some challenges, so I started there.

* Where do I start? -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/i-am-new-to-ikc-where-d...

* When you Join iKC - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/when-you-join-iknife-co...

* 5 top things to do - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/name-the-5-top-things-t...

Now that you've got logged in, the first thing you'll see will be the Main Page.  This can be a bit intimidating, so how about a tour...

*If you "Google Chrome"  follow this link to learn how to save your website passwords.  -  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95606?hl=en  Neat trick courtesy of Steve.

Jan posted a neat discussion that starts out the tour,

* iKC cheat sheet  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/an-ikc-cheat-sheet

* Hitting the links  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/hitting-the-links

* Latest activity  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/latest-activity-i-want-...

* Top Content  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/main-page-now-displayin...

* Don't forget the Main Page  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/don-t-forget-the-main-page

You'll also find that you have your own "My Page".  Make it unique and all yours.  

* Where to begin?  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/new-to-iknifecollectors...

* Profile page photo cropping  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/new-to-iknife-collector...

* Customizing your page is as easy as clicking on the "Customize my page" button, right under your profile pic.  There are approximately 30 different themes to choose from.  If you want to get really creative,  there are 8 fields that you are able to change, to make it the way you want.  Play around with it till it's just right and then hit "Publish".

Lets get in to some activities now.

* Status updates  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/making-better-use-of-st...

* Adding discussions  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/addiing-discussions-to-...

* Blogging?  Check out #4, on Steve's "Where do I start discussion - - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/i-am-new-to-ikc-where-d...

* Preview your blog content  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/improvement-to-the-way-...

* Photos seem to be particularly problematic at times.  Jan has a tutorial on the cheat sheet  -  


Our friend Tobias updated the tutorial on posting photos here - http://iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/december-2014-contesy-win-a...

* Further "Pics" discussion  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/pics

* Here are some photo posting suggestions, to help show off your pics.  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/posting-pictures-sugges...

* Photo tagging  -http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/tagging-photos-and-arti...

* Photo viewing  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/quiclky-get-through-pic...

The MEDIA page has recently been updated with direct links to the Photo and Video pages.  This was done to aid members using different browsers - http://www.iknifecollector.com/page/media-1

* Groups?  -  #3 on Steve's "where do I start?" discussion says to join an iKC group.  " While iKC is a community of all knife collectors, our Groups are mini-communities for special interests.  Check out the groups, join one that interests you, and start connecting with like-minded folks. In a Group you can post discussions and pictures, even like existing ones."  -   http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/i-am-new-to-ikc-where-d...

* OK,  Now just what are the "Groups" all about?  Steve hit the nail on the head on this one  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/3181080:Topic:1179304

*Do you belong to a group? - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/do-you-belong-to-a-group-consider-clicking-the-like-tab

Want to know which groups are "Hot" on iKC, the top groups are shown right on the Main Page  -  


Want to find a particular group?  Just open up the groups page, from the Navigation Bar and scroll through them, or use the Search window, near the top of the groups page.

Searching iKC will let you find all sorts of information. 

* How do I search?  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/how-do-i-search-on-ikc

The search window at the top of the page will let you search the entire site, but you'll find additional search windows on other pages that will only search out narrower fields.

* The newest aid to finding information, on iKC, are indexes.  Several groups are now indexed to aid in finding specific information - http://www.iknifecollector.com/group/knifechicks2/forum/topics/a-z-...

To see what's trending on iKC, check out the leaderboards button on the navigation bar.

* Leaderboards  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/leaderboards

While you were checking out the leaderboards, you probably saw the top member list.

* Check out the special incentives for new members  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/what-special-incentive-...

The top member list helps to determine our Featured Members.

* Purpose of Featured Member  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/purpose-of-feature-member

* How do I become a featured member?  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/how-do-i-become-a-featu...

Do you see something that you really like?  Why not "Like" and Share it on other Social Media sites?

Expanded Like Feature - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/expanded-like-feature-now

Share to Twitter, Google+1 and Facebook  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/google-1-now-live-on-iknife-collector

Its great being able to post discussions and comment on other's discussions, but there's also a chat room here.  The button on the Navigation Bar will take you to a full page chat room, but there's also a button at the bottom of the page on the browser window that will bring up the compact view.

* New Chat...is now live  -   http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/the-new-chat-is-now-live

* Online or offline, does it matter?  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/am-i-online-or-offline-...

How you connect to iKC is important to our members.  Whether you use a desktop, laptop or a mobile device your experience is important.  Check out the various discussions.  

* How do you connect?  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/how-do-you-connect-to-ikc

* Tablet vs Laptop  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/tablet-vs-laptop-for-br...

* Tablet vs Computer  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/using-a-tablet-instead-...

* iKC on Android  - http://www.iknifecollector.com/profiles/blogs/iknife-collector-on-a...

* Improvements coming to mobile  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/iknife-collector-improv...

Now what all inclusive(?) list would be complete without the site rules?

* Rules  -  http://www.iknifecollector.com/page/rules-1

I know it's far form complete, but let me know if anyone finds additional links, so they can be added.

JJ, what an amazing addition!!!!!

How bout some sausage links!! I like sausage!

Max, not sure about sausage links but the Wusthof 4110 knife is a Sausage Knife!

Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated Sausage knife

Blade Length   5 inch (14 cm)
Serrated blade cuts through sausages and fruit skins easily
 Forged, high-carbon stainless steel blade, hand-honed for razor-like sharpness
Traditional-style composition handle is triple-riveted for strength and permanence
Dishwasher safe
 Lifetime guarantee

ROFL!!  I vote sausage too!

In all seriousness...JJ THANK YOU.  That was a good bit of search and gather! and it is GREAT!

I totally agree that J.J. did one heck of a job with all of this and he even sent me a link to sausage making! LOL!

Tobias that is a nice knife but I don't think I've ever needed a knife, let alone one with serrations to cut a sausage!! If you do I suggest you find another place to buy or make your sausages. I use a fork!

Working on a list of comparable browsers.  Loaded the "CM Browser" yesterday.  Loads fast, but can't add photos.  Could be a Google issue though.  Talking with the CM folks about the issue and possible solutions.

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