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Getting around in iKnifeCollector.com

A good many times I have heard, you’re not set up like a forum and I keep getting lost.  So I have decided we need a cheat sheet.

The main page of iKC is where everything has its roots but from any page you can reach the navigation bar at the top

You can bring yourself to the main page from anywhere by clicking main

Once there the set up pretty much stays that same

THE LEFT COLUMN              THE CENTER COLUMN                              THE RIGHT COLUMN

WHAT IS HOT                        GROUPS                                                     INBOX/SETTINGS

FORUMS                               PHOTO SLIDE SHOW                                 LATEST ACTIVITY

BIRTHDAYS                           BLOGS                                                       SPONSORS




Notice the navigation bar at the top will also take you to the same places.  The biggest different is when you come in from the main page of iKC, it shows you the latest in each of those categories.  There are more tabs at the top that you can explore but this is the basics for navigating around our site.

Have some fun, visit a portion of the site you have not previously seen.  Did you know we have over 70 specialty GROUPS to talk about your favorite brand, outdoor activities, survival, shooting, repairing knives or even the beginning builder.

As always, Thanks for being here with us.  The members are what make our site a home

Jan Carter          

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LOL!  Ray, it is just different.  Here are a few hints, you can ask to be friends with anyone by just going to thier page and looking under their picture.  You will see a link to hit and it asks that person to be your friend.  Also there is the group of mini makers and collectors, it is here   Mini knife makers and collectors

As for adding your photos, at the top of your page you see a link to media, use the photo option under that link.  Click ADD, once the photos are uploaded to the site, it will give you a place to put any text you would like :)

If you run into an issue you can always come to the chatroom and see if we can help you live

Thank you.  That should get me started.

I love Jimmy Dean Sausage in my turkey dressing.  Add no seasoning , the sausage does all of the work !

Max McGruder said:

How bout some sausage links!! I like sausage!

kenblue.jpg     This is my Dr. Ray Rantanen (NASA rocket scientist-blade smith) .amboyia burlwood dyed blue and buffed railroad spike spear blade knife.  He uses spikes from curves that have the more carbon.  I have one arm and it is my gun range and protection knife.

kenblue2.jpg This is my custom amboyna burlwood dyed blue railroad spike knife.  This spike it from the curve with higher carbon.  It was made by a NASA rocket scientist.  Each knife is cooled with a space age liquid and it really holds an edge. I have one arm and this is my everyday protection/gun range knife. 


New to this community.

Gary Claxon is working on some knifes for me and mentioned this knife Family. Thanks Gary.

Question, how do I navigate to the auctions ??? He mentioned a knife that I collect that is up for auction.




I agree Thanks Gary!

The auction group is here .  Once inside the group ask to join.  One of us will get you in.  Then you will get an email when the auction is live :)

Good luck and Thanks for being a member here with us, we appreciate it

I found this site looking for the original moose skinner knife Sonya Patterson had one for sale but it was a few years back I would be very interested if someone had one like that for sale


You may want to reference the original pic https://iknifecollector.com/photo/moose-skinning-knife-1  and ask about this in the forum for got a knife I am looking for?  More folks likely to see it there https://iknifecollector.com/forum/categories/got-a-knife-i-am-looki... .

John Preston said:

I found this site looking for the original moose skinner knife Sonya Patterson had one for sale but it was a few years back I would be very interested if someone had one like that for sale

  1. I finally figured out to switch to the desktop site, and evertones help is now making sense. 
  2. Thank you all for your help,Jan, Charles Sample, bless you all.
I have an Original Texas Hunter Bowie that I purchased new in or around 1960.  The blade is stamped  F.A. Bower Imp Co Solingen", which I assume means it was manufactured by someone in Solingen Germany for sale to the importer F.A. Bower.        The stag handles are pinned, the knife is unused and never cleaned or sharpened... excellent condition.  It has some brass patina and the Hunter Green scabbard has a small wear spot near the tip on the back side, probably from moving it on and off it's stand. This knife has spent it's 60 years with me in a glass case or in a fire safe.  Overall length is 14 3/4 inches with a 9 5/8" blade length. I understand that all of these are chrome plated, as they were intended for displays. 
I have been experiencing some health challenges, so I am selling many items from my antique gun, tackle and knife collection. I have seen such a wide range of prices on the few examples of these Original Texas Hunters that I wondered if I might turn to this group for an opinion of it's fair value, and/or a fair offer. I am not a dealer, just an old man that has always bought what he liked rather than what other collectors said he should. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes not. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
How do I send out friend request to everybody and that is a beautiful knife?

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