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Recently I was told about a museum within the Magic Circle  of Knives that I wish I had known about while visiting in that area.

The American Museum of Cutlery in the Village of Cattaraugus highlights an industry that produced axes, adzes, knives and plows for early pioneers in and around Cattaraugus County and which, though smaller, survives today.  The American Museum of Cutlery celebrates the histories of past, present, and future manufacturers and bring to life these histories by way of accumulating written, oral and photographic archives as well as examples of the cutlers’ works. The Museum intends to establish itself as an important research and educational facility and serve as the premier guardian of all of America’s edged tool and weapon manufacturing history for future generations.

The location of this museum is no coincidence. Within a 50 mile radius of Cattaraugus, approximately 150 different cutlery companies existed during nearly a 200 year period in our nation’s history. The location of 9 Main Street, is where knives were offered for sale when the building was constructed in 1888.

In this map of a very small area, how many names do you recognize as being related to knives?

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Jan, Joyce and I visited this museum last year. It is small and needs expansion but is very interesting. The overseer knew many people that I knew years ago when I lived about 40 miles from there.


It is about to get a bit of expansion.  They will be the recipient of a small amount of the National Knife Museums collection :)

Wonderful place and full of history I'm sure. A real neat vacation spot I'm sure. I hope it's able to survive $ wise. Thanks for the info.

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