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I have a Kabar Grizzly auto knife and am considering selling it. The spring mechanism is broken but otherwise the knife is in decent shape. It has the original patina and I have not attempted to clean or polish any part. The stag is intact but has a few small cracks. It has a leather sheath but I am assuming it is not original.

If anyone is interested I can post some pics. I did on here some time ago but I have no idea if they’re still around.


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I am interested in taking a look.

I will try to get some uploaded tonight

Sure I’d be interested I can be reached at knfcollector@hotmail.com. 

I'd like a looksie too.

Sorry it took so long to post these.  There is a close up of the spine showing the broken spring.  The blade is a little loose due to the missing spring I believe.  I got in contact with someone...through this site I believe...who said that the spring can be repaired and everything tightened up but I opted to keep it in original condition.  If I remember correctly the quote for the repair was something like $200.  But don't quote me.

Im interested , you can email me at bayglassservice@yahoo.com I'm in Ca.

Yes I’m interested you can contact me at the email I posted previously
Alex, I’m on my phone and for some reason not all of the comments are showing. Can you send your email again?
Sure. Knfcollector@hotmail.com

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