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2015 was a good year. I added a lot of good knives to my Schrade collection. I was introduced to knives from Queen Cutlery and Great Eastern Cutlery. Post some pictures of what you added to your collection in 2015.

Schrade D'Holder Millennium knife

Schrade Kious with damascus blades

Schrade Rogers Change a Blade  with green bone handles and mother of pearl shield

Schrade Barnett with red coral handles

Queen #98 Amber Carved Stag Bone Swing Guard Lockback

Great Eastern Cutlery #77 Washington Jack with Smooth Autumn Gold Bone handles.

Saving the Best for last is a Schrade 275 Clasp Knife with India Sambar Stag handles customized by Herman Williams

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'The' very best ... this one  I searched so long then finally found one ... paid 'overs' for it. But do I care? Not one jot!

These two were very special ...

TBC .... 

An Early #23

TBC ...


 That Radio Jack is a beauty...I settled for a white bone Beer Scout..really wish I had waited until I found one in cocobolo. The Beer Scout is an EDC so maybe I'll still find one to display.

My Beer Scout is a Chestnut Saw cut Bone. I have probably posted this pic before but it's such a fluke I'll give it another run. Note the Kangaroo in the background taken at our kitchen window.

Come on folks - this has become the "Doug & Derek" show ... surely someone else picked up a knife or two in 2015?? Post your pics here...


 What a great shot...I've just recently become aware of GEC knives, sure a shame as I used to live about 15 miles from Titusville where they are made. This #28 French Kate with Fuschia jigged bone handles and a premier production pattern,was my first GEC.


I've posted this before but it should be in my top 2015 knives.

Schrade 227UH.

Herman Williams took a set of the Schrade 100 year anniversary blue rope jigged bone handles and rejigged them for this knife. Truly a one of a kind, and twice as dear to me as it was a gift from Herman.

I also was blessed in 2015 with some great knives. Among them are as follows, A Colonial CE-400, which was sent to me free of charge, to test and review. I am very happy with this knife and wouldn't hesitate carrying it as my only means of a cutting tool, in a survival situation. Secondly, I received a TOPS, B.O.B. knife, which I purchased from a member here (John McDowell), at a very fair price. I bought this knife, with the intent of taking it to the woods on many camping trips, of which, I have started already. Thirdly, I received two knives from another member here (Greg Dash). The knives I received are the Bite and Jackal. I have yet to decide which one is my favorite, of the two. I really like the size of the Jackal and the carrying position and convenience of the Bite. The next knife, which I am very happy with is, the iKC Barlow knife. I have never been a Barlow lover, but once I laid eyes on this one, with ebony scales, I started to change my opinion of the Barlow. This is not by any means the only knives I received in 2015 that I like, but these are the ones that first come to mind. 

Jeremy - nice knives good to hear you are out there 'using' them too.

I've an innate fondness for autos.

I checked one off my bucket list this year .. a double action Buck 110.


This one is my favorite.
Simple .. straightforward .. reliably sweet !!

Leverlocks are ..imo.. the safest locking mechanism for an auto.

The modern damascus blade steel is simply .. pretty.

'n as hard to sharpen as Queen's PH-D2 .. diamond files required.

As functional as it is pretty.


2015 was a good knife year for me. I'm fabricating more & more .. 'n happier w/ the results. Improving .. perhaps.

Added quite a few to the collection .. gifted quite a few.


Of them all .. the pictured unit .. I've been most impressed.

D ale,

 How about a little more info on the damascus auto. Sure is a sweet looking knife. I have a few barlows and one in particular comes to mind.

Schrade 280 Daddy Barlow in red jigged bone for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Well , Doug Webber .. this should put a few off.


I purchased that knife direct from China through AliExpress.

There exists no stamping.

However, I've been so impressed .. I purchased a second unit.

This one .. for a left handed change .. for a south-paw brother.

The assembly with threaded fasteners & identical stamping of the frame halves lends itself to an easy switch.

Flip the leverlock mechanism to the other side & a new set of scales ..viola.. a left handed version.


I received my first pocket knife for my 6th b'day .. I'm soon to be 59.

I recognize good steel when I use it .. 'n most certainly .. when sharpening time comes.

Prior to this knife .. Queen's PH-D2 was the hardest blade steel I owned.

This is every bit as hard as that. Diamond files not suggested .. required !!!


It's a no name no stamping wonderful knife.

No blade peek. Lock-up is secure. No blade play .. in any direction.

Tight construction .. no gaps between scales & frame .. good fit-n-finish.

Strong spring .. opening a formidable 3.75" blade .. quickly.

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