I'm a new member to this site.

When I listed some of my hobbies, a couple old members asked about my interest in blackpowder shooting and hunting.

I've harvested a couple deer here in Missouri with a Hawken rifle made by Pedersoli. It is thought by many blackpowder shooters to be a close copy of the Hawken owned by Kit Carson.

The charcoal burner is an accurate .54-caliber in a maple stock.

One winter morning a few years ago, in the frenzy of getting ready to go out into the snowy field, I forgot to bring something important. And after shooting a deer, I suddenly realized I had left behind my hunting utility belt, which included a large lock-blade knife, a gut hook and a bone saw. 

But fortunately, I had my Case 640045R scout/utility knife in my pants pocket.

So I was able to successfully field-dress (or gut) the deer using only that little scout knife. Soon after I was finished, my hunting buddy showed up with his bone saw to put the final touch on the job.

So if there's a moral to this story, I guess it is: You can leave home without a lot of things, but don't forget your pocket knife.

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A good story Kevin.  It shows again just how versatile and useful a pocket knife can be.

I have a New England Firearms Huntsman .50 caliber inline muzzle loader.  I have killed three deer with it but I have killed most of my deer with my .30-06.

Here is my muzzie and one of the deer I killed with it.  It was a 150 yard shot.  At the time it was the longest shot I had made on a deer.  But this past season I made a 175 yard shot with my .30-06.  The '06 is also a NEF.

NICE-looking deer, Charles.

This picture makes me wish November would hurry up and get here!

Great looking rifle Kevin.

Thanks, John.

Full disclosure: That is a file photo of the Hawken rifle, which I just pulled off the internet to give people an idea what it looks like. 

Mine looks exactly the same, except mine has a nice maple stock.

Thanks Kevin.  I know what you mean about hurrying up.  Although I don't have to wait till November.  Our bow season opens in mid October.  So I can get out with my crossbow then.  Our gun season opens in mid November.  Both run until Feb. 10.  The most I have killed in any one season is four.  Last season I killed two.

kevin p. madden said:

NICE-looking deer, Charles.

This picture makes me wish November would hurry up and get here!

Great story!  This is why we always have a number of knives on us isn't it LOL.  You just never know when one is going to be needed!

Donnie shot black powder for years and truly enjoyed it

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