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Found this one yesterday at a garage sale and was wondering if anyone knew if it was a Queen Bob White or a Utica?

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Ashley, let me see if I can get some input on this.  Going strictly off memory I would say Queen EXCEPT I do not remember one with a shield

As for the utica, I only seem to remember a stockman by them so let me see if I can jog a few older memories

I was wondering if the shield may have been added by its owner.  The

amount of space left around it sure doesn't look like a pro put in in.

Then there is the discoloration of the handle on the lower left of the shield

that makes it look like someone has worked on it.

Probably not but just thought I had when I looked at it.

Your right who ever put the shield in did not do a very great job. I came across an old eBay auction but the shield was missing on that one but other than that it looked like the same knife. It's very well built other than that.


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