the only places near Chicago that I'm aware of that one can buy a decent knife is Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas. After that we have Walmart and Meijers. And then your left with cheap-o junk knives at the virtuallly non-exsistent bait shops.

What about where you live? Are there any good brick and mortar stores where you can buy a decent knife in your area?

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Vernon BC....and I have Walmart. *sigh*

Well I am stuck in the middle.  Seriously 2.5 hours to ATL and 2.5 Hours to Sieverville.  The local Hiawassee Hardware carries Case and the Feed store carries a few Case and a few Bucks.  Both places get the "we live in the middle of nowhere" prices.

That being said we do get a quite a few local makers that come around

Sportsman's Warehouse, Academy Sports, couple hardware stores and the everpresent Walmart also.

Here in Athens, AL we have U. G. White Hardware.  They sell only Case knives.  They used to be listed as a Case Master Dealer but now they are listed as a Platinum Dealer.  Either way they have a lot of Case knives.  We also have a St. Nicks Knives store here in Athens.  They are listed as a Case Platinum Dealer also and sell other brands.  And we have Walmart too.  They have knives but not a whole lot.

I haven't been there in years (and can't speak to which knife brands they carry, currently, if any) but Belmont Army Surplus in Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago may have some knife selection in stock, or perhaps they could refer you to other brick-and-mortar stores in Chicago. It's mostly a clothing store, but they do (or they used to have) have some army surplus/tactical gear and accessories. Here is their site: https://www.belmontarmy-wp.com/collections/army-surplus

-Rachel (White River Knives)

Is that the army/navy store on Lincoln Ave. perhaps near Ashland?

If so they do have a selelection of Swiss Army knives. Also a good selection of knives by Ontario
I seem to remember quite a few modern folders as well.

They also have a small assortment of vintage military issue fighting knives.

I bought my Ontario M3 trench knife there if it is the place I'm thinking about.

Yes, Belmont Army Surplus is near Ashland/Division. It's On Milwaukee Ave. At one point it may have been in a different location. 

Another unique brick-and-mortar store that comes to mind--if you're ever traveling to Yellowstone--is Seldom Seen Knives & Gifts. They recently started carrying our knives this year, but their store has an established selection of other brands as well. They're primarily brick-and-mortar (rather than web based), although they do have a Facebook page too, where they recently sent us a photo of their new display of White River Knives: Seldom Seen Knives isn't the only brick-and-mortar shop on our dealer list, but it's definitely a one-of-a-kind place.

Actually Belmont Army is a different store! This is exciting news. Another place for me to check out!

Shepherd Hills in Lebanon, MO .. 'bout an hr south of me.


Prices cannot compete w/ online pricing ..but.. nice to be able to hold 'n feel a knife when considering purchase.

They maintain a fair variety of inventory. Case being their primary stock ..but.. other major brands are fairly represented.

Pretty decent inventory of sharpening equipment also represented.

Not agreeing with Wal-Mart's business strategy .. I've successfully avoided entering one for some 17+ yrs now. However .. they are ever present. No idea as to their actual knife inventory ..but.. confident they offer something sharp & pointy.

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