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We have a discussion where we posted our yellow handled Case knives.  It got me to wondering how many of us have brown handled Case knives.  I decided I would start a discussion by showing my brown Case knives.

If you have brown, show them!

Case 63087 SS Brown Medium Stockman 2013

Case 61048 SS Brown Barehead Slimline Trapper 2017

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I have several Charles...............

I have a single brown Case, a Seahorse Whittler, carry it several times a week in a belt pouch.

I don't mean to speak for Charles, but I THINK Charles meant this discussion for brown DELRIN handled knives. Or maybe I'm confused.......which is a good possibility! LOL!

LOL, I was thinking brown delrin but I won't be terribly upset about others.  I should have mentioned delrin.

Somebody say brown?  LOL!

Well now, I see how it is!  LOL!

John Thornburg said:

Lol, if it's Delrin then I have none!

 Or......I'll trade you for that slimline you have that I need!  :)

John Thornburg said:

Lol, you guys can buy me some?


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