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i bought this 110 in a small knife shop  here in the netherlands

it was new  but was in the shop for a long time ( almost 20 years )

they could tell me much about it and the box and papers were not found

i fell for the mosaic pins and mother of pearl dot

the knife is not customized by someone but came out of  the buck factory like this

the stamp dates it 1997

it seems the handle is (desert) ironwood  or perhaps american walnut

who can tell me more   as i am not a real buck fanatic

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sorry  i (of course) mean  " they could NOT tell me much "... 

Hi Kees.
Are you sure it came out of the factory like that? I don't think I have ever seen a custom Buck that came out of the factory with file work and pins like that. I am not an expert on 110's but it seems more likely that someone else did the file work and added the new handle scales and mosaic pins to customize it. Regardless, that is a beautiful 110. If you want the real experts I would check out the Buck Collectors website or Facebook. There are several Buck collector groups on Facebook with some very knowledgable people who know a lot about 110's. I wish you luck trying to find out about its history my friend.

thanks !  i will do some research there  and ask the shop owner once more

i think its not likely that someone did the pimping here in the Netherlands. ( the dutch dont love knives that much in general)  but you never know..... maybe it was imported or so

i  found a video of someone who bought one with pins and file work like mine 


well it is fun to keep surching for more info        i hoped that someone from our ikc  110 group would just say    "oh thats a 1997 special whatsoever " LOL  but  ........

soon i will post a nice picture on my page    ill start with calling it desert wood and 420 hc  with a questionmark 

thanks again for the suggestions


Kees, have you ever found out more about that knife?

just a little    now it seems the shop did not get the knife direct from buck  but from someone private  and now they try to get in contact with this guy for more details........  so you were probably right about the customization !!  i am patient
Ms Data said:

Kees, have you ever found out more about that knife?

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