I am the new owner of Buck110.com. The last owner did not even have a site up, he just sat on it for 7 years. This site has got to be the biggest potential Gold Mine Ever but I will need every ounce of help I can get about setting it up properly. Which Features to Add and which ones not to add. I could have just turned it into my own personal site to show off my work that I do on Buck 110's but this site crys out more. Let's talk about how we can make this site absolutely amazing! 

Here's a list of Plans and Ideas for that I have come up with for Buck110.com:

1. Market the original buck 110.. That is to sell regular buck 110's and Variations like Mirror polished buck 110's. Basically non modified to slightly modified buck 110's.

2. To sell Custom Buck 110 Sheaths

3. Sell buck 110 accessories like the buck 110 thumb studs and bars.

4. install a forum - buck110 forum

5. put up a buck 110 customizers club. I will make videos showing how to install single slab knife scales on buck 110's including how to use belt sanders and buffers etc.. for $49.95 gets you a lifetime membership. I can cross sell other how to's and items through this site. a sub section of buck110.com

6. Buck 110 Market place.  I plan on putting up a market place for buck 110 customizers and people who sell custom buck 110's. I know of this software that I can charge a fee for the sale of each one.. a percentage. I think this is a great idea but looking for feedback.

7. Of course I will put up videos showing off the buck 110 customs and other videos.

8. I have a blog already up on the site I will use.

Any ideas anyone has would be very helpful. Lets make this the best buck110 site there is on the net.

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Sounds great Garett and from the looks of it you are off to a great start. We do have a Group here: http://www.iknifecollector.com/group/buck110group

Its not terribly active but perhaps with a new name and your help we can get it restarted as a Number 1 Group.

Can't wait to see what you come up with and just can't believe somebody did nothing with this name/site. Its one of the most popular knives ever produced with a long, long run. You have to give them props for that.

Sounds good Steve I will post there. I am very excited about this site. I will try to make it as nice as possible! Working hard on it.
Garrett, I know your work is fantastic and you are going to do great work with the Buck110.com ideas. The Buck group on iKC I'm sure will be some help and support for you. I will be watching and seeing you succeed!

Thanks Bob! I do appreciate the kind words.. Lots of hard work building up a good site. I am very hopeful however.I think that domain name of Buck110.com should draw a crowd eventually to whatever sub section of the word buck 110 I can muster. Like Buck 110 sheath, buck 110 custom, etc..Not sure how long it will take however. I do think that having the keyword in the domain name is the key to success and the shorter the domain name the better. I am curious to see how long it takes google to rank the site as an authority site on the word buck 110.

Great idea

I believe it will take off, as I have a lot of friends that love the Buck 110, and many of them use the 110 for hunting, and being a fan of the buck 110 myself. I wish you much success. 

Thanks for the words of encouragement Robert. I think it may have a lot to do with search results for the keyword buck 110. I think the domain name should take in top positioning. What would help is if people would give me a link on their sites! If there's anyone out there willing to link to buck110.com I would appreciate that. Thanks everyone for the support. You guys rock.

iKC has your link!!

Awesome! thanks Jan. Anyone else :-)  Anyone who gives a link gets discounts! 

I am going to be giving away a bunch of free memberships to the buck 110 club before I officially open to the public. If anyone is interested in a free membership which includes learning how to customize a buck 110 with a new handle among lots of other perks and incentives for the buck 110 collector and enthusiast then please let me know.


That is quite generous and Thank you for offering it here to our members too!!

Hi Garett,

Well obviously it goes without saying that I would be your first member in your Buck 110 club.  What do you need?  Our email contact info, etc?

Thank you,


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