If you have a suggestion for an entire Category for the Forum, please shoot me an email. Categories are a high-level subject of interest to the Community. It doesn't have to be about knives either. It does need to be one you want to talk about and expect others will to. Let me know.

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Excellent suggestion Michael.
I need to recruit a video team who attend the shows across the country who can help pull this off. Let's put this on our "figure it out" list, cause it is a really good idea. And I agree YouTube/Hula or AOL Video is the way to go here.

I can edit if I can get the raw footage.

I'd like to suggest a forum to talk about "Giving Knives Away". What would you part with? and why?

I was thinking about my nephews and how I want to share with them my love of pocket knives. I started thinking what would be a good knife for them and how to present it so they understood its importance.

Any thoughts?

A safe knife to give the young ones is a Canoe Pattern or something with that type blade. I've given a bunch of knives to the young Outdoorsman and some of their parents have asked me to promote that type knife. I once carried a Canoe Pattern Knife for two years because of this.

I hope I'm putting this is the right place on the forum.

In the past year I have gotten into shaving with a straight razor.  I think I remember seeing comments here indicating others also use straight razors.  I was wondering if a group could be created for any straight razor shaving discussions.  These could include subjects from razor companies, soaps, honing/stropping, stones and/or strops, etc.  I've learned there is A WHOLE LOT MORE to this activity than I realized when I decided to start.  Of course I was surprised at the prices of some of the stuff so a big benefit of a group like this could be a place to share places to get products at competative prices.

I have been working on and improving my honing skills as well as shaving skills.  Most of the info I've gotten to help me has been from the "Straight Razor Place" site and forum.  Also, some discussions on the Spyderco forum.  I thought there might be enough interest for a group here.  Any thoughts?

Jack you are correct...check this out  Straight razor discussions

That's a discussion I remember and even commented on.  It's in the sharpening group though and there is so much more about straight shaving I was thinking a group to have somewhere for the other stuff from pre-shaving to post-shaving subjects, products, stuff like that.  There may not be enough interest to make a seperate group beneficial.

Jan Carter said:

Jack you are correct...check this out  Straight razor discussions

I mainly collect Military knives and love the knives from WWII. I don't see a group even closely related to this. I realize there are different sites that cater to these things but why not at our site? Military Bayonets,fighting knives etc. are one ,if not the most collected category of knives I think! I my self spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to put together collections of these edged weapons and by the way I get out bid on EBay I'm not alone. What do you think?


LOL, I don't think your alone either.  There is a discussion in the Box of Knives groups just begging to see some of those!  Military Knives  

John, if you put so e pics in Military Knives So will I. I dont have a lot nut I have some to share. Seems no one has added to it since 2012. 

I didn't see a Military knife forum. My newest finds! Top:Camillus M-4, Bottom: Case

John, click on Jans link, Militay knibes in bold, its hidden deep in the Box Of Knibes section. Jan, maybe Johns right and  a new easier to find militaty section is needed. Military knives are very popular.

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