Doesn't seem to be anywhere for Cattaraugus Knives - so lets start one.

Just picked this nice large Cattaraugus Jack up Saturday. When the guy showed it to me and handed it to me, I fell for it right away. It is a strong built knife, loud and strong snap on both blades. Its a joy to hold and carry.

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I collect Cattaraugus Knives. Graduated from High School and Dairy Farmed about 40 miles from where they were made.

Here are some of my Catt's.

Ken, I have to laugh. I had just spent the better part of an hour constructing a brilliant comment for this discussion when all of a sudden I got mugged by the Sandman.

When my eyes eventually re-opened -- Poof! All of that brilliance had been reduced to a giant nothingburger of empty white space.

So, now, rather than attempting to reconstruct another virtuoso masterpiece of verbal elocution, I shall simply say; "Man, that sure is a swell looking barehead Cattaragus you've got there!"

I can hear the footsteps coming. The Sandman is trying to sneak up on me, again. This time I will outsmart him by hiding in my bed. Shhh! He's coming faster!

Gotta go...

Don't tell him that you saw me!

Very well said Ron. You do have a way with words.

Hey, Ken!  I have to agree with Ron.  It's wonderful!  Can you tell what kind of wood the handle is made of?  I have several older knives with black handles & not a clue as to what the material is.  (I'm assuming that nobody would dye wood black.)

Thanks Donald, I am thinking maybe cocabolo - like the 1989 Remington Trapper was made of - but I am not sure. I do have another Catt with the same wood. No, I am almost certain it is not dyed.

Very nice Catts Ken!

Thanks Craig, I am fascinated with Cattaraugus Knives, I guess it was being at the factory a couple months ago, and graduating from High School in that area, and Dairy farming in that area. We had 4 Kids born in Springville, NY, not far from there. And then when I hold and/or carry a Catt, its almost like I am being part of history, I can hear it talking to me, for every one has its own story to tell, and they all started there in Little Valley NY. Thanks again for the comment. Ken "The Talking Knives"


I have the same knife in my roll. I believe the handles are Cocobolo, if my memory serves me right. I believe it was Sue who found that out for me.

Thanks Brad, I think you are right, don't know what else it could be.

Here is my other one with the wood handle:

One of my favorites


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