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It's coming! My favorite time of year......Christmas! With all the special feelings, family, friends, good food, the lights........and KNIVES!

Christmas Tree handled knives. They used to be pretty common. Don't see anyone doing any these days too much.

Sooo, do you like Christmas Tree handled knives? Do you have any? How about some pictures of your favorites? 

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I guess I shouldn't have gotten caught up in talking about Christmas starting out! LOL!

OK here are a few I have in my picture album on this site already.....

I will ad a few more later....gotta get out my mini coke for this too !


NICE ones Sue!! That Whittler is really cool! Of course, so is that Coke Bottle!

I rather partial to knives that are under the Christmas tree

gift wrapped with my name on them!

Ho Ho Ho!

You mean you don't want another bag of coal this year?

lol @ Craig! No, I'll take a knife, thank you!

And, Sue! That Christmas Tree case is absolutely stunning! I have admired it in your album before. I bet it's even prettier IRL! I wouldn't mind having that seahorse, either!

Sadly I have no Christmas themed knives in my collection. Maybe Santa will bring me one this year?

How about some Christmas candy?

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