Colonial Quick-Flick Knife 7005 Review

When you think Colonial Knives, and you’ve been alive for more than 40 years, you immediately think of the Colonial Knife Company which was part of the knife heritage of America.  In 1999 the Colonial Knife Co. closed.  The good news; is one of the founding fathers grandsons, Steve Paolantonio, re-opened Colonial and the name lives on. 

The NEW Colonial Knife Co. (
www.colonialknifecorp.com) offers a line of knives which includes some produced here in the USA! 

Now, you now…………I love auto-assisted, one hand opening knives that clip to my pocket.  Truth be told, my pants pocket is never bare.  ;-)

I’m impressed.  The action is fast and smooth. 

Knife Details:
440A Stainless Steel Blade, Gray Finish
3 ¼” blade,  1 1/8” serrated
Rockwell hardness 58-60
Quick-Flick assisted open
Checkered G-10 handles
Lanyard hole
Imported – China

The TripleF (Fit, Finish, & Functionality) 8.8
Within one week I had to tighten the clip screws as the clip was wobbling a little.
Until you become accustomed to the linerlock, it’s stiff on the push-down making the release of the blade for closure more difficult than other knives, with the same locking system, I’ve used and reviewed.
The lock-up is sold.  No wobble. No play. 
Smooth lines.  
I do dig the debossed “CKC” on the handle and clip.  Two thumbs up for that brand distinguishing move from Colonial Knife! 
Quick-Flick finger trigger is happy, happy, happy.  Snaps to attention in armed forces respect!  

The term Colonial uses for it’s assisted opening is Quick-Flick.  Very similar to Kershaw’s assisted open knives where the blade can be catapulted into action with a flick of your pointer finger by depressing the exposed trigger, or you can push the thumb stud forward to open.  I like the Quick-Flick trigger better.  The thumb stud takes some OOOMPH to deploy.  
I’m a stickler on accessibility.  I am.  It’s the key to moving forward with your cutting/slicing desires.  The moment I put in a mental request for a knife that transpires through my nervous system down to my hand, I want the knife NOW! I’ve already waited too long for the brain to communicate to my fingers.  One more itsy-bitsy snag is, once retracted from the pocket; the knife has to be flipped 180 degrees in your palm so your pointer finger is positioned on the trigger.  Just sayin.’

Collectibility- 7.0
The challenge for a knife company that offers an assisted opening knife in the shark pool of well-marketed knives, such as Kershaw, Sog, Gerber, Benchmade, etc. “known” for this style of knife, makes it difficult to even see your fin when it is above water. 

Value – 9.1
Now a days there are plenty of assisted-open knives available in the twenty dollar range.  Plenty.  I can’t see why this knife isn’t worthy of your cutting chores. 

Steel Sahlute Score = 8.7 Steel Sahlutes!!

Thanks to the steel brother Steve at Colonial Knife Corp. for submitting this knife for review!

Stay tuned steel brothers & sisters I've got a few more knives to review!


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Be nice to see what they come out with in a traditional line.

I wouldn't hold my breath on that J.J.  Colonial isn't really a knife manufacturer these days.

Its an interesting looking knife, inexpensive, solid pocket clip. Might just be worth a try, even though there sure are a lot of fins in the pool.lol!

Knife Details:
440A Stainless Steel Blade, Gray Finish
3 ¼” blade,  1 1/8” serrated
Rockwell hardness 58-60
Quick-Flick assisted open
Checkered G-10 handles
Lanyard hole
Imported – China


I am in Scott, for all of the above EXCEPT... 1 1/8” serrated

This is actually a nice looking version and a good price point in the 20.00 range.  Not all of the ones in that price range offer a clip and a lanyard hole.  I am just not fond of the serrated edges but that's a personal opinion.  Thanks to Steve for sending it out for review, looks like a good product and a buy at that price

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