Continued: Knives from Pakistan provided to me by Waqas Yousaf Farooq

Ok, so after a bit of a hyatus...(Belgium was lovely whilst on vacation, especially the fries were amazing) it's time for me to continue the review on the knives Waqas sent me.

This time i'll do the sheath and knife together.

First off there's the knife blank he sent me. It's basically a blade with bolsters but with no handle scales on it.

It's in the same style heavy duty sheath as earlier. I don't know what the stains are but they weren't there when I opened the package. So no blame on Waqas for that.

Like with the other sheath the workmanship is excellent and the leather is high quality. The stitching is even and very clean and all the edges are smoothed very nicely.

The blank itself isn't really all to my taste. I'll explain why. But for now i'll just comment on the workmanship.

It's a 4" (or close) blade but with a high deep hollow grind. The grind is excellently done and 

make it into a fairly thin and nice and slicey. The knife is also well sharpened.

The damascus (I think this is either a simple twist pattern or a firestorm pattern) has lots of contrast and has no inclusions or flaws.

The bolsters have exclelent fit on to the blade with no visible gaps or movement.

The pins it it are clean and flush ust the way they should be. The bolsters are lighter than the blade this would be because they probably haven't been hardened.

On the spine of the handle they don't match up. This is what I don't like. Waqas told me this was by the Customer's request


 When making scales on this

 the butt of the handle. Not a choice I would personally make. But like I said this is by the original customer's design. knife the spine would be completely exposed all the way to

Here's a few more photos

All in all a very decent knife blank. Well executed. Al little corrosion can be seen in the pictures but that's all on me for not storing em properly.

Up next time a neck knife.

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Great review. Keep 'em coming. :-) 

Only one more knife to go!!!

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