Can I get your opinions on the D2 steel that is found on Queen knives?  I understand it is not the same as CPM-D2 which I haven't used.  I have heard good things about it though.  My main interest in any knife blade is edge holding.  Also how well a steel resists  corrosion.  Non-stainless steel is ok with me because I'll do what is needed to maintain the knife and there are lots of great corrosion protection products these days. 

I don't know when I'll get the knife I ordered this past Thursday night.  It doesn't show as shipped in my  account on the web site.  Maybe they shipped it but didn't update the computer.  That's what I'm hoping.  I get impatient when waiting for knives.  I'm sure none of you have this problem.  The knife is a Queen small lockblade (my first Queen) and it has D2 which is why I'm asking.  Any input is appreciated.


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I got an email that this discussion is now a "featured discussion".  What does this mean?  I'm new here and don't know much.

BTW, the knife I ordered may be here tomorrow but I have no way of knowing.  According to my open orders it is still "awaiting fulfillment" what ever that means.  I ordered it Thurs night thinking it would get shipped Friday.  I don't know if it shipped or not.  The site says they send notices when an order ships.    I sent two written messages asking about this with no replies.  If it shipped Friday I'd think it would come tomorrow.  Maybe today but it didn't.    No matter the status of my order they get no points for customer service since I haven't gotten a reply to my messages.  There is no phone # to call them.  I think that's strange.  We'll see how it goes.


It means your discussion has had a lot of activity that warrants it to be a "featured discussion". 

Jack Haskins, Jr. said:

I got an email that this discussion is now a "featured discussion".  What does this mean?  I'm new here and don't know much.


Stephen,  The Queen knife I bought is supposed to be made this week.  So, it will be one made after the Daniel's got involved.  I have heard nothing but good comments and hopes about the knives with them owning the company now.  I have no experience either way.  When I found out I was going to have to wait a while for my knife my initial thought was to cancel and order from a site that still had some in stock.  I decided to wait for this one.  One reason was I know it will be a new one manufactured after the Daniel's ownership and hopefully a good indication of what quality they will be happy with.  I ordered a Queen small lockback with the curly zebra wood and one blade.  It's a small knife and has the D2 steel. It's not an expensive knife but I hope they hold to the same standard as they would on the more expensive models.  I REALLY hope I love this knife.  The picture on the monitor and catalog jumped out at me and I want it to be one I want in my pocket.  I hope to get it next week but I don't know. I have asked when to expect it but I haven't been promised even a window of when to expect it.  I plan on giving a brief review of it with pictures when I get it for anyone who wants to know about it. 


I have now owned a Queen knife with PH-D2 for 25 hours.  Not quite the expert yet but I am very pleased with this steel so far.  Someone mentioned D2 being difficult to re-profile.  I would agree with this if you have old or worn stones I think.  I used diamond stones then Shapton glass water stones.  These stones will cut very fast and make light work of a lot of blade steels.  The D2 took a little longer.  It's not as hard as some blade steels I have but definately in the harder than average side of the conversation.  Someone else mentioned the hangle being to high.  My knife was also so I brought the angle down to 40 degrees or a bit lower with a convex bevel and almost mirror finish.  Then I started cutting old shipping boxes.  The edge still had a very usable edge after cutting a medium USPS box up into strips.  The shaving edge was gone almost immediately which is pretty normal.  I call the sharp edge left the "working edge" since that is the edge we end up using most of the time.  This working edge lasted a good while.  When I was done with one box the edge needed a little touch up and I was able to do that with a balsa wood strop with 1 micron compound on it.  In my limited experience and for my EDC knive cutting needs this is a very acceptable steel.  I also agree with what someone else said about it holding an edge between VG-10 and S30V.  I'm sorry I can't remember everyone's name.

Also mentioned was that PH (in PH-D2) stands for Peter's Heat treating.  Is that accurate?  I'd like to know because I believe whoever did the cooking :) did a good job.  I have thought about buying some steel blanks and cutting my own fixed blade and having it heat treated.  If Peter's did the D2 I'k trust their performance for a knife or two for me.  I've never done that before but I saw some CPM-M4 (OUTSTANDING STEEL IMO) for a very good price a while back.  I'd love to have a couple of kitchen knives with M4.  One paring knife and one slicer would be great.  Maybe two paring knives if I get really excited. lol

Thanks for everyone's input and opinions.  I'm sure most will agree that these forums are great.  Remember when we didn't have any option other than buying first and living with good and not so good products.

Also mentioned was that PH (in PH-D2) stands for Peter's Heat treating.  Is that accurate?

It is indeed accurate

Peters heat treat must be good.  I know at least 2 manufactures that use them exclusively

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