Doe with fawn

Notice the squirrel

Nearly white deer



South end of a bobcat

Leave this fellow alone!

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Charles, thanks for the wildlife photo's. Ya'll have fox squirrels over there? Sometimes we call a Skunk, a Pole Cat. Don't ask me why it's called that.

Robert, we have both fox and grey squirrels.  I've heard skunks called pole cats too.  Don't know where it comes from.

One morning during deer season as I was walking to my deer stand before daylight without a flashlight, I got within three feet of a skunk before I saw it.  Fortunately it didn't spray me.  Ever since I have carried a small flashlight when going to or returning from my deer stand in the dark.

I don't have any pictures, but we get Deer, Foxes, Raccoon, Opossum, Hawks (a family), Owls, Flying Squirrels, regular Squirrels, Chipmunks, tons of various birds (and we feed them better than us! LOL), Bats, and........Snakes. And we live within City limits!! Our backyard is right on the Greenway (Raleigh Park System). 

Great pics Charles.
That squirrel looks like he's ready for a fight.

I can't wait for this fall.
Squirrel season is my favorite.

Johnny, I am ready for hunting season to open too!  First is dove season, it opens Sept. 7.  Then squirrel and rabbit open Oct. 1 and run through Feb. 28.  Bow season for deer opens Oct. 15 and runs through January.  Gun season opens Nov. 18 and runs through January.  The limit is a buck and a doe a day with a three buck season limit.  I'm itching to get out there and start hunting!

Very nice assortment of animals thru your camera - I like that Bobcat one.

That squirrel in the pic with those deer must be suffering from some kind of an identity crisis -- Probably thinks he's a deer?

That buzzard bears a strong resemblance to my ex-mother-in-law!

And here's what the dictionary says about the word, "Polecat"...

pole·cat  (plkt)

a. A chiefly nocturnal European carnivorous mammal (Mustela putorius) of the weasel family that ejects a malodorous fluid to mark its territory and ward off enemies. Also called fitch.
b. Any of various related mammals of Asia, especially Mustela eversmanni of central Asia.
2. See skunk.

[Middle English polcat : possibly Old French poll, poulefowl, hen; see pullet + Middle English catcat; see cat.]

That was a good one Ron about the Buzzard - lol

I just wish I had gotten his north end too!  LOL

Ken Spielvogel said:

Very nice assortment of animals thru your camera - I like that Bobcat one.

I love this thread! Here's my Critter Contribution...

A few months back I was out by the woodpile photographing two of my more colorful knives...

When out of the woodpile hops a furry friend...

The little guy wasn't shy and actually hung around for quite a while, trying to get a better look at my knives...

Here are a few more pictures that I snapped of him before he disappeared back into the woodpile...

He's a cute little guy, isn't he?...

One last pic...

Ya gotta love it when the critters take an interest in your knives and come out to take a closer look!

Real cool, Ron, that rabbit might be a knife collector. Your mother in-law must have been a beauty queen...lol  Thanks everyone I am enjoying the post. Please keep them coming and try get our Outdoor group, more members.


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