There was a time when I first began at iKC when you just could not even keep up with the chatroom.  It ran constant and many of us became close friends, met up at shows and just had a ball!

You would often hear me say...go out and post on the site guys.  Well be careful what you ask for right?  Now we have posting going on in many of the groups but the chat is it's busiest on a Wednesday night when Gus Marsh is in there helping us learn about the companies and history of our hobby.

Now that is not a bad thing, many of us from the Wed night chats spend time before and after checkin out whats been happening and can this or that person help us find something.  I guess we have the best of both worlds now.

One of the regular members in the Wednesday Night chats is Russ.  A few members here and there have been the recipients of a surprise package from Russ when he was clearing out some knives from his collection.  This week Russ surprised a few of us with some of his own companies creations. Anglesey Knives

Some of you may remember that as the Covid came on a stranger came to my home and gifted me a knife A sharp gift, a penny and a virus

While no longer a stranger, Russ made a visit back to my home this week after asking me if he could gift to 3 of our Wed Night Chat crew and would I get him the addresses.  I got the addresses, he mailed out and he also dropped one by my house.  Yet again I was denied the opportunity to provide him with a penny for my sharp gift but we are local so I can make that up soon.

Thank you Russ, for being a member of iKC, a friend and a generous soul !


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-Awesome gesture, Russ!! And lucky recipients, whomever they may be!! People can be surprising!

That is absolutely super!  I have often told people I know quite well (some understand, some don't) that I get just as much pleasure in giving a knife as I do buying a new one (maybe one day I will share a gifting story that, to this day, still brings the biggest smile imaginable to my face, along with a good chuckle) .  Oh .... as much as I would like to join you folks in the chat room on Wednesday nights .... I am usually just in too much pain by then (until I take some meds) and am getting ready for bed!  Again .... outstanding Russ and I know those on the receiving end of your generosity will forever cherish your gifts.

Very cool knife! What a fine & generous gift! Congrats! :-)

Your own knife, very special !!!..............thanks for sharing


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