Howdy IKC,

I was just wondering if you carry a knife or any other weapon when you are sleeping? I know we have our EDC (knives, mace, guns, ect) but at the end of the day I put all my "stuff" up. So my question is do you carry a weapon when you sleep just in case you need to get up quickly and leave with out having the time to grab your EDCs.

Thanks for you input.

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Now I have a knife worth keeping by the bedside , namely an EnZo Trapper . It took an awful long time to get that D2 as I wanted it but she is very sharp now 

D2 is like that but once you get that blade the way you want it, it stays that way and stays sharp!  Good choice beside the bed BTW

550 people showed up at a town meeting because of a rapid series of overnight burglaries that started Aug. 6th. Someone asked the police chief (Kevin Hale, Ansonia, CT) if they could shoot the intruder. The chief's response was if they were unarmed you're going to have a problem.

I don't live in that town but if someone broke into my place at night and confronted me, I don't care what the officials say, I'd offer the intruders milk and cookies and hope they'll go away. Only in Connecticut!

LOL, I am not waiting to find out if an intruder in my home has a weapon.  Who knows he could have grabbed one of my kitchen knives on his way in.....see it is right there in his hand

If someone breaks into my home here in Alabama, it will be like I told a fellow trying to sell me an alarm system.  He asked me what I would do if someone kicked down my door and came in.  I told him that no matter which way you enter my home, you have to go through two doors.  I then told him that by the time they got the second door kicked down, they had better be good at dodging .45 slugs!  LOL

Remember, a kitchen knife SHOULD have your fingerprints on it. It would be very suspicious if it was wiped clean.

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