Let me explain:

When I was looking into getting a tattoo I read an awesome book that goes into detail everything about the physics of it up to the emotional aspect of getting a tattoo. Now the one thing that stood out to me was...if you don't like someones tattoo...don't say anything about it, comment on how the colors really pop or the lines are really straight or something...not "wow, why did you get snoopy tattooed on your arm? that's dumb"

Lee and I were discussing this a while back (my fiance) that maybe this should be the same for knives as well. Some people don't know that the crappy knock-off they got at the pawn shop will break in 2 months, or that liner lock is so thin that it could snap at any moment...

They probably bought that knife because they liked it or it had some sort of meaning to it.

What do you guys think?

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ABSOLUTELY- our knives are exactly like picking out and then wearing, forever, a tattoo. Now, I don't have one- a few scars do me just fine, but my oldest daughter now has one and I know what she went through figuring out the perfect one for her to wear....for-ever...did I say that already??
I like the old ones that remind me of the early American cutlery firms.
ooh! i should get a tattoo of a knife!
How about a big Spyderco spider, or Benchmade butterfly. That'd be sweet!.
omg what a good idea!!!!!!!!!
...that really is a good idea!
Everyone likes a knife for a different reason whether it be for its visual appearance or for its function. There is however a difference between the kind of knife a knife nut picks out and a knife that an everyday knife user picks. I have run into lost of people that love the knife that they picked up at the dollars store and swear by it... It is all about what the person expects in a knife. I always find something good to say about it and they are happy. That is what I would want them to do for me.

As for the tattoo... I have always wanted to get one of knife but have never found the right knife. I have recently thought of an idea that i really like and will be getting in the next couple of weeks. Im sure you are all familiar with the Life Is Good clothing and the little stick figure guy with the many slogans that come along with him... Well I want the get the stick figure guy holding a knife and above him say "Knife is good". What do you think?

oh wow! That is clever! I love "spoofs" of advertisements, I think that would be awesome!
I usually ask my friends if they have a knife in they're pocket by saying "Blade Check?" usually they will show me or say that they have it! I don't care what kind of knife they have whether it be a good one or bad one just as long as it performs to their standards. I will only give them advice on a better blade steel or knife if they ask me for advice and will never make fun of them for having a crappy knife. You don't know if that crappy knife was their deceased grandfather's knife which was passed down to them.
"Knife Is Good" ......that has legs.

Sounds like a blog topic for sure, maybe the theme for the NKCA for 2010....... but don't get any ideas, cause I just trademarked it :)

And yet, being the KNIFE guy that I am, I'll let you get it tattooed if you want- without royalties
Got to move fast around here- http://www.iknifecollector.com/profiles/blogs/knife-is-good

One of the advantages of, when not on the road, working at my desk during the day...and being self-employed.
I think I agree to a certain extent, but when the person's knife is so badly made that it's no longer safe for them to use I would probably point that out to them, and I would want someone to point that out to me as well. Not losing a finger because of a "paper thin" liner lock is more important to me then whether someone agrees with me that my knife is awesome. Know what I mean? I wouldn't be like "OMFG YOUR KNIFE SUCKS BUY A BETTER ONE", I'd probably try to find the nicest way of telling them that the lock is not good and is likely going to fail on them.
The only tattoo I ever considered was the favorite a hundred years ago — a ship's anchor, with "MOM" in a scroll below it. I'd love an elephant toenail knife with that design in scrimshaw.

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