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Well apparently I do not.  Unable to attend one of my favorite shows today I figured I would do the next best thing and give away a knife.  The HECK with that, I am going to give away 2!

Easy contest here. 

You can enter by entering the word BLARNEY in this discussion.  Want 2 chances?  Tell me some knife blarney!  Contest ends Sunday Night at midnight PT and winner will be drawn on Monday.

Make my day folks, it was rather disheartening to miss the Dalton show, the people and knives I was looking forward to seeing.

Hey want to know what you win?

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Congrats, Jack.

Right on ! Very happy for you !  Have a blessed knife collecting year !

jack walker said:

Blarney ,I’m Irish . I have a knife with a green blade used for cutting clovers. It has brought many good luck. 


Rick said:

Every year at this time, I remember being a child and watching "The Flintstones" on TV.  Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and, of course, Fred's best friend Blarney. Fred worked at a quarry where he chipped away making a living on his never tiring dinosaur and Blarney left Betty and Bam-Bam every morning to go to take care of his cutlery shop: The Blarney Stone.  His best seller was the shillelagh, made of granite and tempered in the local volcano.  What a great show!  ... But, my memory may be jaded by never finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow....  ah, well ... off to a dinner of Lucky Charms .. they're magically delicious ....

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