I am going to give away a knife.  It is a Colt CT405 Skinner.  It is the knife I won in Tobias Gibson's contest.  I mean no offense to you Tobias but I am just not satisfied with it.  This discussion is a contest to give away the knife but I guess it is also a review of the knife.


The sheath goes with the knife but not the knife stand.  That was made for me by Jeremy Buchanan.

I took the knife to the woods with me to check out and download my game cameras.  Some brush was growing into the field of view of one of them.  I used it to trim the brush.  It just was not as effective as my Rough Rider Sidewinder doing the same type job

Here is a test I put the Rough Rider through.  If I could have done it at all with the Colt, it would have taken far longer.


It is not as sharp as the Rough Rider.  I sharpened both on my Smith's 2-Step sharpener.  I can slice a sheet of printer paper with the RR but not the Colt.  I must admit that I have never been able to sharpen a knife properly with a stone.  That's why I use the Smiths.


Someone who is able to sharpen a knife might be able to sharpen the Colt much better than me.

So I am not satisfied with it as a user but I also don't want to put it in my collection.  Even though I have several fixed blades, I am not really into fixed blades as collectibles.  If it weren't for the pommel, I might have put it in my collection anyway.   I mean, really, a hex nut for the pommel?!  Surely they could have done better!

All you have to do to win this knife is comment in this discussion and tell me why you want it.  Whoever, in my judgement, gives me the best reason gets the knife.  You will also be stuck with the lucky recipient of the pass-along knife!  Put your initials on it and pass it along!

So give me your reason and win a knife!  Even if only one person enters, you get the knife.  I will give it one week or as long as it takes to get one entrant.

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I am extremely interested in seeing if changing the bevel on the edge of this knife will get it sharp.  Once it is good sharp I am wondering if it will hold

Charles, I would add it to my collection of (gun themed) knives-I have knives from Remington, Winchester, Smith & Wesson,etc. Some are valuable, some not so much-LOL-It would be welcome just cuz I don't own a Colt knife and I even have some knife sharpening skills which might even make it a half-way decent user-

A sympathy knife is still a knife! Kudos on keeping your promise! I know the feeling all too well. I went for quite a dry spell when we bought our house a few years back!

And stop crying, eh? :-) 

I would like an opportunity to put a nicer end on that thing!

Since Charles hasn't announced it yet, I will.

He pawned off awarded me this knife. I have had it for about a week now and have done a quick bevel check on the Apex(Black marker on the bevel & sliding a stone across it), and determined that it needs a complete re-profiling planned for this Saturday.

I left it in it's sheath until yesterday and will hazard a guess that it is a High carbon stainless blade, or so I assume because of the rust-like patina developing near the edge. 

I will post a link to that effort when I get it done, or I may just post it here.

Excellent Brad!  I am Glad you got it.  I am very intrigued by the thought that they may be missing the boat just by a bad edge.  Think you can get one on the passaround LOL

The Passaround..ehhh. I will give it a try.

As the Colt needed aggressive stock removal to correct the uneven bevels I opted to use my DMT diamond file sharper first.

The majority of the 45 minutes with these files was spent with the black(coarse) file. Then I skipped over the Blue(Medium) to the Red(Fine) and finished with the Green(Xtra Fine). 

After the Xtra fine Green file it was at least cutting paper.

I would have spent more time on the knife and moved onto the Apex sharpener, but I gave my friend a hand with a Rare collectible go cart until I had to leave for a birthday party.

Good job Brad!

Finally looks sharp and should cut...now for the rehandle?

Brad that edge is looking great!  Keep us updated as you move forward please

Or at least the renut!  LOL

Steve Hanner said:

Finally looks sharp and should cut...now for the rehandle?

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