Hey all,

With all the things that go wrong in the world, with all of our imperfections & our seeming compulsions to remain modest in the face of doing good things, I'm going to do something just a little bit different.  Okay, a lot different.  

I'm going to write about something good that I did.  It's not big, but I hear enough about my imperfections & shortcomings in everyday life, & I think that's likely true of all of us.  So I am going to tell you this little anecdote.

Last week, I made a purchase on eBay.  It was a knife, somewhere in the $20 to $30 vicinity.  I received the knife & opened it -- it was the knife I had ordered, a Boker Chef You Go, looked good, felt good, just as expected.  Awesome.

But then there was a second envelope from the same seller.  It was heavier than the first.  I didn't know what it was, but thought this might have been the seller from which I bought 2 knives, so I opened it up.  Hm, I didn't remember ordering a Spyderco, but there was a Spyderco box in there.  I open it up & see a knife in really good shape, A Manix 2 XL with G10 scales -- that blade was incredible & the opening & lock release both smooth as butter creme...

I knew I hadn't bought a Manix 2 XL.  I'm sure someone else did, & likely dropped about a $100 on it.  But there it was, the same label as my Boker, addressed to me -- even indicated on the back of the label that it was the Chef You Go.  Seller made a mistake.  

I contacted the seller & let them know what had happened with that Manix, I took it to the post office, shipped it on my dime, & sent the seller the tracking number.  I let the seller know, & it turned out the seller had been hospitalized, & the person helping the seller had made a mistake when printing labels.  It felt pretty good to know & know very clearly that I had done the right thing.

So I'm starting this discussion in part because I felt good about doing some good.  And because I hope this discussion will start others thinking, asking themselves what good they have done -- & to tell others (us, or not us here) about it, to remind yourself of the good you've done, & to take some credit for it.  

So, what are the good things you've done?

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I love this thread!


Your a good man and this was a great deed.  What may seem small to you was probably a weeks profit to the seller.  Mistakes happen, not everyone is good enough to see it for just that, a simple mistake that you can help set right.  KUDOS!

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